Reeves, Absalom ( - c1814)


Reeves, Absalom


Father: Walter Reeve

Birth Source:

Death: c1814
Death Source: Will & Probate

Spouse1: Hannah Wells, m. 5 Oct 1780


Children of Absalom Reeves:
  1. Rachel Reeves
  2. Sarah Reeves
  3. Hannah Reeves, m. Joseph Reeves
  4. William W. Reeves

Absalom is identified as a son of Walter Reeve in loose New Jersey land records. In an undated account concerning two hundred acres of land, part of a larger 2000 acres, it states "Walter Reeves by Will dated 28th May 1753 Devised 133 1/3 to Grandsons Jno & Absolam Reeves who convd to same to Thoms Reynold by deed dated 8th Aug 1768."

Research Notes


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