Reeves, Alfred William (c1866 BRK - )


Reeves, Alfred William


Mother: Sophia Reeves

Birth: 1866
Birth Source: FreeBMD and census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Fanny WOOLGAR


The birth of Alfred W Reeves is noted by FreeBMD as occurring during the fourth quarter of 1866 in the Reading Registration District

On the 1871 census Alfred William Reeves appears in the household of Thomas and Sophia HAMBLETON in Crescent Road, Sonning, Berkshire. Alfred is described as "Wife's son". See ALINK(aname=ResNote1)}Research Note 1{ALINK} below. Alfred is 4 years old and his place of birth is noted as Reading, Berkshire. In addition to his mother and step-father, the household is completed by Thomas's son Harry HAMBLETON (age 5, born Earley, Berks).

At the time of the 1881 census, Alfred appears in the house hold of Sarah Middlemost at 14 Manor Court in the St Giles area of Reading, Berkshire. Alfred's relationship is shown as grand-son; he is 14 years old, claims birth in Reading, Berkshire and is working as a Cabinet Maker. Sarah is Alfred's maternal grandmother; see Research Note 2 below.

The marriage of Alfred William REEVES and Fanny WOOLGAR is noted by FreeBMD as occurring during the second quarter of 1888 in the Reading Registration District. The marriage index at Berkshire BMD indicates the marriage took place at the Parish Church of St Giles in Reading.
The knonw children of Alfred William REEVES and Fanny (nee WOOLGAR) are
  1. Helen Sophia Reeves, b.reg. 1889 Reading, d.reg. 1892 Newbury
  2. Alfred George Reeves, b.reg 1890 Newbury
  3. Olive Francis Reeves, b.reg. 1892 Newbury
  4. Arthur Charles Reeves, b.reg 1895 Newbury
  5. Albert Stephen Reeves, b.reg. 1896 Newbury
  6. Bertha Fanny Reeves, b.reg. 1897 Newbury
  7. Alfred James Reeves, b.reg. 1901 Newbury
  8. Rosalie Sophia Reeves, b.reg. 1903 Henley
  9. Margery May Reeves, b.reg. 1904 Henley
  10. Ernest Reeves, b.reg. 1908 Henley
  11. Eric Reeves, b.reg. 1909 Henley
  12. Stanley Reeves, b.reg. 1911 Henley
On the 1891 census Alfred and Fanny Reeves are living at Speen View, Russell Road in Newbury, Berkshire. Alfred is 24 years old, claims birth in Reading, Berkshire and is employed as a Wood Turner. Along with their daughter Helen (1, born Reading) and son Alfred (5 months, Newbury) are two visitors, William DREGGS (51, married, born Wiltshire) and Frances DREGGS (44, married, Hertfordshire) who complete the household. There is no known family connection.

On the 1901 census Alfred and Fanny's family has expanded, but they remain at Speen View Terrace, Newbury. Alfred is now noted as being 35 years old, again claims birth in Reading and is working as Wood Turner. Their children Alfred (10), Olive (8), Arthur (6), Albert (4) and Bertha (3) complete the household.

By the time of the 1911 census Alfred and Fanny have moved to Briants Avenue in Caversham, Oxfordshire. Alfred indicates he is 44 years old and that he and Fanny have been married for 22 years. Fanny has had twelve children, eleven of whom are surviving at that time and one had died. Alfred is 44 years old, again claims birth in Reading and is working as a Wood Turner. Ten of their twelve children are living in the parental home; absent are daughters Helen (died 1892) and Olive who is in Domestic Service elsewhere in Caversham.

Research Notes

(1) FreeBMD shows that Thomas HAMBLETON married Sophia REEVES during the fourth quarter of 1870 in Reading Registration District and Berkshire BMD narrows this to the Parish Church of St Giles, Reading.

(2) Sarah Inglefield (born c1821 at Sonning Berkshire) married (1) Thomas REEVES during second quarter 1840 in Reading Registration District. They had 10 known children, including (7th) Sophia Reeves (born c1846). The death of Thomas Reeves was registered during the second quarter of 1864. Sarah Reeves (nee Englefield (sic)) married (2) John MIDDLEMOST during the fourth quarter of 1870, again in Reading Registration District. Sarah was widowed for a second time, with John Middlemost's death being registered during the fourth quarter of 1871 in Reading Reg.Dist.


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Marriage: FreeBMD 1888, June quarter, Reading Registration District
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