Reeves, Sophia (c1846 BRK - c1917 BRK)


Reeves, Sophia


Father: Thomas REEVES
Mother: Sarah INGLEFIELD (subsequently MIDDLEMOST)

Birth: c1846, Reading Berkshire
Birth Source: Census

Death: c1917
Death Source: FreeBMD

Spouse1: Thomas HAMBLETON


Sophia Reeves is the seventh known child (of 10) of Thomas REEVES and his wife Sarah (nee INGLEFIELD). FreeBMD notes her birth was registered during the first quarter of 1846 in the Reading Registration District and Berkshire BMD's narrows this to the St Giles Reading Sub District.

At the time of the 1851 census, on 30 March, Sophia is found living in the parental household at Middle Court, Queens Street in Reading Berkshire. She is shown as being five years old, but her place of birth appears blank. (Had it been ditto then the previous entry was Reading Berkshire, which matches subsequent returns.) Her elder step brother Alfred (21) and brother William (8) plus younger sister Ann (1) complete the household.

A decade later and the 1861 census shows Sophia again living with her parents, now at Manor Court, Reading, Berkshire. She is 15 years old, claims birth in Reading and is a Scholar.

The birth of Alfred William REEVES was registered during the fourth quarter of 1866. On the 1871 census Alfred is described as "wife's son", that is the son of Sophia.

The marriage of Thomas HAMBLETON and Sophia REEVES is noted by FreeBMD as occurring during the fourth quarter of 1870 in Reading Registration District. Berkshire BMD's Marriage Index narrows this to the Parish Church of St Giles, Reading but only notes the year as 1870.
The known children of Thomas HAMBLETON and Sophia (nee REEVES) are
  1. Priscilla Hambleton
  2. George Hambleton
  3. Edith Hambleton
  4. Eleanor Louisa Hambleton

On the 1871 census, Thomas and Sophia HAMBLETON are living at Crescent Cottages, Crescent Road, Sonning, Berkshire. Sophia is 25 years old and was born in Reading. The household is completed by Thomas's son Harry HAMBLETON (aged 5, born Earley Berkshire, see Research Note 1 below) and Alfred William REEVES (age 4, born Reading Berkshire), who's relationship to HoH is "wife's son".

Thomas and Sophia Hambleton have been identified on subsequent census returns (per sources below). On the 1911 census Thomas notes he and Sophia have been married 40 years and that during the present marriage she has had six children, five of whom are still surviving and one had died.

The death of Sophia HAMBLETON, age 70 was registered during the first quarter of 1917 in the Wokingham Registration District.

Research Notes

(1) FreeBMD notes the marriage of Thomas HAMBLETON during the third quarter of 1864 in Wokingham Reg.Dist. with either Ann STEVENS or Anne WEBB as the partner. The second groom sharing the same reference is Thomas FARMER. Thomas FARMER and his wife Anne have been identified on the 1871 census in Sonning (RG10, Piece 1289, Folio 91f, Page 7).
FreeBMD also notes the death of Ann HAMBLETON (age 23) during the second quarter of 1869 also in Wokingham Reg.Dist.


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