Reeves, Asel (c1790s SC - )


Reeves, Asel


Father: John Reeves

Birth: c1790s, South Carolina
Birth Source: Census

Death Source:

Spouse1: Clarinda


Children of Asel Reeves:
  1. Nancy Reeves, b. c1832
  2. Warren David Reeves, b. c1834
  3. William Reeves, b. c1836
  4. Jane Reeves, b. c1838
  5. John Reeves, b. c1840
  6. Asell Reeves, b. c1842
  7. Pathanida Reeves, b. c1844
  8. Adaline Reeves, b. c1846
  9. Rosa A. Reeves, b. c1848

Asel is said to be a brother of William Reeves of Greenville County in William's War of 1812 pension statements. Although he is not named in the will of George Woolf that names some of his other brothers, this statement makes him the son of John Reeves of Greenville County.

Appears as "Acil" in 1830 and "Asa" in 1840. In 1850, the family of a James Reeves, b. c1821 is living next to them. This may be an older son.

Asel appears to have first bought land in 1836 in Pickens County. He bought more land there around Cove Creek in 1840 and 1842. Based on the deed indexes (later deeds not available online), it appears his administrator Hiram Reeves probably sold some of this land in the 1880s.

His son Asel was killed in the Battle of Rappahannock River during the Civil War. On 31 Nov 1862 Asell's father, Asell Reeves, petitioned for the effects and pay of his son.

Adaline may have married Moran Castle. Living next to the family in 1870.

In 1883, a Hiram Reeves got the administrative bond on the estate of Asel Reeves.

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