Reeves, Asher (c1835 BRK - 1907 BRK)


Reeves, Asher


Father: William REEVES
Mother: Jane mnu

Birth: c1835
Birth Source: Baptism and Census

Death: 1907
Death Source: FreeBMD and Census

Spouse1: Jane AYRES


Asher Reeves is the tenth of eleven known children of William and Jane Reeves. He was baptised in June 1835 at the Parish Church of St Margaret, Hinton Waldrist, Berkshire, but see Research Note 1 below.

On the 1841 census taken on 6 June, Asher appears in the household of his parents William and Jane Reeves at Hinton, Berkshire. He is six years old and was born in county (that is to say in Berkshire). His younger sister Sarah (1) and elder brothers Alfred, James, Benjamin & David complete the household.

By the time of the 1851 census, on 30 March, Asher is no longer living with his parents. It is probable he is the individual enumerated as Asher REES at Besselsleigh in Berkshire. (See Research Note 2 below.) This Asher is aged 15 and claims birth in Hilnton, Berkshire making him a very good match for our current subject. This Asher is one of six Farm Servants in the household of Ambros Ashfield (age 52 born Thelnetham, Suffolk) a (Farm) Steward.

FreeBMD notes the marriage of Asher REEVES and Jane AYRES during the second quarter of 1857 within the Reading Registration District. Berkshire BMDs narrows the place to the Reading Registry Office.
The known children of Asher Reeves and his wife Jane (nee AYRES) are
  1. William J Reeves, b.reg. 1857
  2. Alfred Reeves, b.reg. 1858
  3. Thomas Reeves, b.reg. 1860
  4. Elizabeth Reeves, b.reg. 1863
  5. Charles Reeves, b.reg. 1864.
  6. Mary J Reeves, b.reg. 1866
  7. Susan Ann Reeves, b.reg. 1868
  8. Alice Reeves, b.reg. 1870
  9. Asher Reeves, b.reg. 1872
  10. Arthur Henry Reeves, b.reg. 1874
  11. Clara Reeves, b.reg. 1876
  12. Albert Reeves, b.reg. 1879
The births of their three eldest children were recorded in the Reading Registration District with the subsequent births registered in the Wokingham Registration District

A decade later and the 1861 census shows Asher and his wife Jane living at Whites Building in the St Giles district of Reading, Berkshire. He is 24 years old and claims birth in Hinton, Berkshire. His occupation is Agricultural Labourer Carter. Their three sons William (3), Alfred (2) and Thomas (5 months) complete the household.

On the 1871 census Asher and Jane are to be found at Sindlesham, within the Liberty of Winnersh, Berkshire. He is now 36 years old and again claims birth at Hinton, Berkshire. He is working as a Farm Carter. Their eight eldest children, with Alice the youngest at 5 months, complete the household.

At the time of the 1881 census Asher and Jane are again to be found at Sindlesham. Asher is now 45 years old, but on this occasion his place of birth is recorded as Hurst, Berkshire. His occupation is Agricultural Labourer. Sons Alfred and Thomas plus daughter Elizabeth are not present in the household, but their other nine children are living at home.

On the 1891 census Asher and Jane have moved to Hagville Cottage in the St Paul's area of Wokingham. Asher's age is recorded as 50, somewhat less than the 56 expected and he was born in Hinton, Berkshire. He is working as a Carter, Farm Servant. Their children Alice (20), Asher (19), Arthur (16) and Albert (11) are living with their parents and they are joined by a grand daughter Edith A Jones (3). (Asher & Jane's daughter Susan married William Jones in 1887 and Edith is believed to be their eldest child.)

By the time of the 1901 census Asher and Jane are living at Budges Cottages in Wokingham. His age is now given as 60 and he claims birth in Hinton Berkshire. He is working as a Carter on Farm. Their son Asher plus his wife and daughter are living with Asher, as is grand daughter Edith Annie Reeves (sic). It is strongly suspected this is actually Edith A Jones.

On the 1911 census Jane is show as a widow. She remains at Budges Cottages, Wokingham and Edith Jones is still living with her.

It is strongly believed that Asher's death is that noted by FreeBMD during the third quarter of 1907 in the Wokingham Registration District. His age is given as 69, somewhat less than the 72 which might be expected.

Research Notes

(1)Family Search is clear in their attribution of the place of baptsim as Hinton Waldrist, Berkshire. However, as noted above on the various census returns Asher gave his place of birth as Hinton (1861 and 1871), Hurst (1881), Hinton (1891 and 1901).

On the 1841 census return he is found on Piece 0019, which covers part of Faringdon Registration District, with the pages simply marked Hinton.
On the 1851 census return his parents are found on Piece Number of 1687 which is for Faringdon Registration District, and again the pages are simply marked Hinton. Note however the Faringdon Registration District covers the north west corner of Berkshire, including the Parish of Hinton Waldrist.
On the 1861 census return the pages for his parent's enumeration are distinctly marked Hinton Waldrist.

In 1881 Asher was living at Sindlesham which is in Hurst Ecclesiastical Parish. Coincidentally there is also a place called Broad Hinton within the same Parish, which might explain why Hurst is shown.

(2)Besselsleigh lies about 7 miles to the east of Hinton Waldrist. The modern A420 road runs through both parishes and onwards to the City of Oxford.


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