Reeves, Elijah (c1795 KY - 1868)

Elijah Reeves

Reeves, Elijah


Father: Spencer Reeves
Mother: Susannah Reeves

Birth: c21 Jan 1795, Kentucky
Birth Source: Headstone

Death: 2 Aug 1868
Death Source: Headstone

Spouse1: Mahala Nottingham, m. 5 Sep 1820, Scioto County, Ohio
Spouse2: Elizabeth Walden, m. 18 May 1845, Delaware County, Indiana


Children of Elijah Reeves and Mahala Nottingham:
  1. Mary Ann Reeves, b. 2 Nov 1832, m. Henry Smith
  2. George R. Reeves, b. c1836
  3. James Elijah Reeves, b. 23 Jun 1838
  4. John Reeves, b. c1839, d. 4 Aug 1841
  5. Silas Reeves, d. 1 Aug 1842

After the death of the elder Elijah Reeves Sr., his son Elijah began to be referenced in Fleming deeds as Elijah Sr. while this Elijah was denoted as Elijah Jr. As Elijah Reeves Jr. he appears to have bought 100 acres of Elijah Reeves Sr.'s land from his heirs. This was on 27 Sep 1819 and he was denoted as of Fleming County. Then on 14 Aug 1821, as Elijah Reeves Jr. of Scioto County, Ohio, he sold this same piece of land. This shows that he moved to Ohio somewhere in the range 1819-1821. We find the record of his first marriage in Scioto County on 5 Sep 1820 which narrows down the move. He was listed on the 1820 census there as well. Although the census date was supposed to have been 7 Aug, his household shows a female in his own age category in his household.

In 1830, there is a younger Elijah Reeves living in Scioto County, Ohio (b. 1810-1815). Households of a young Isaac Reeves, Anthony Royce, and Jefferson Worley are listed after him. This other Elijah must be a close relative. This Elijah had moved by this time to Center, Delaware County, Indiana and was living next to Thomas Reeves and his son Joseph.

He made is will in 1867 in Delaware County and named his two sons George R. Reeves and Elijah J. Reeves.

Research Note

Information on this Elijah Reeves was formerly confused with information on Elijah Reeves Jr.. There was a supposed marriage to Mary Glover because of a mistaken transcription of the original marriage entry which read "Mary ditto" in reference to Elijah Reeves Jr.'s wife being Mary Reeves and having the same surname. The transcriber thought this was in reference to the surname of the bride in the previous entry, which was Glover.


Birth:          Headstone, Beech Grove Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
Marriage1:  Scioto County, Ohio, Marriage Records, 1803-1860 (Ancestry)
Marriage1:  Indiana, Marriage Index, 1800-1941 (Ancestry)
Death:        Headstone, Beech Grove Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana

1820 Census:  Washington, Scioto County, Ohio
1830 Census:  Center, Delaware County, Indiana
1840 Census:  Delaware County, Indiana
1850 Census:  Delaware County, Indiana
1860 Census:  Delaware County, Indiana

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1821 Deed - Elijah Reeves Jr. to Spencer S. Reeves, Fleming County, Kentucky Deed Book K, p285
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