Reeves, Hardy (c1760 NC - 1803 SC)

Reeves, Hardy

Reeves, Hardy


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Elizabeth Lawson

Birth: c1760, probably Granville County, North Carolina
Birth Source: William Reeves probate records of York County, South Carolina and age approximate from census.

Death: before Nov 1803, York County, South Carolina
Death Source: York County Probate Records of Hardy Reeves Estate, Case Nbr. 62, File 2837

Spouse1: Unknown


Children of Hardy Reeves and Unknown:
  1. Thomas K. Reeves, b. 21 Oct 1793
  2. Lawson Reeves, b. 11 Apr 1798 SC, d. 11 Dec 1867 Sabine County, Texas
  3. Dempsey Reeves, possibly Dempsey Reeves
Hardy Reeves purchased land from Thomas Thomason and his wife Anna in Granville County on January 19, 1787 and in 1788 and 1789 he was a taxpayer there in Tabb's Creek District.

Hardy, the son of William Reeves who died in York County, South Carolina in 1821 is probably the Hardy Reeves who is recorded in Wake County in the 1790 census along with Jonathan Reeves, the probable son of Malachi Reeves. In the Wake NC 1790 census Hardy Reeves' household contains 1 Male under 16, 2 Males over 16 and 3 Females.

Research Notes

There are various sources listing his name as John Hardy Reeves, but to date no records in either Granville or Wake, North Carolina as well as in York, South Carolina have been discovered to support that. Every reference to this individual is simply as "Hardy Reeves", no other name. At some time, there may have been confusion between Hardy Reeves and John Reeves, the son of Allen Reeves, as both are credited with having wives named Mary Brown. It was, however, John Reeves who was married to Mary Brown as documented in a deed of August 1812 by Brown heirs which included the former Mary Brown wife of John Reeves. There is currently no evidence as to the name of Hardy Reeves' wife.

Probate records of the estate of Hardy's mother, Elizabeth, state that Hardy Reeves had six children although Lawson is the only child of Hardy specifically mentioned in the probate records of York County. Thomas K. Reeves and Dempsey Reeves are both mentioned as making draws against the estates of William and Elizabeth Reeves, but there is nothing to specifically document their identities or that of the other children, three daughters. Dempsey Reeves may be the same Dempsey listed in the 1830 Census in DeKalb County, Georgia.


1790 Census - Granville County, North Carolina
1800 Census - York County, South Carolina