Reeves, Jeremiah (c1797 GA - c1870 GA )

Jeremiah Reeves

Reeves, Jeremiah


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Hannah ( Rhodes?)

Birth: 1797, Georgia
Birth Source: 1816 Will of William Reeves and 1850 Census for age

Death: Before 1870, probably Pike County, Georgia
Death Source: Wife is widowed in 1870 census

Spouse1: Martha Ann Cagle


Children of Jeremiah Reeves and Martha Cagle:
  1. (probably) Lucretia Reeves, b. 1825, GA.
  2. Clara Ann Reeves, b. 1827, GA.
  3. William J. Reeves, b. 1829, GA.
  4. Robert Reeves, b. 1833, GA.
  5. Warren W. Reeves, b. 1837, GA.
  6. Jeremiah Reeves, b. 1842, GA.
  7. Martha Catherine Reeves, b. 1843, GA.
  8. Sarah Elizabeth Reeves, b. 1845, GA.
  9. Elijah Bloomer Reeves, b. 1849, GA.

Jeremiah Reeves was a War of 1812 veteran; Martha Ann Reeves applied for a widow's pension from Pike Co., GA. He and Martha were married 28 December 1823 in Jones Co., Georgia.

Martha was head of household in Pike Co., GA, in 1870. She was living in HH 960/968.

The 29 July 1923 Pike County Journal obituary of Mrs. Sally Reeves Sykes stated that she was the last surviving child out of a family of thirteen. She died at the home of her nephew W. J. Reeves, with whom she had lived for several weeks.

Research Notes

Next door to Martha Ann Cagle Reeves in 1880 were John and Clara Ann Reeves Thornton in HH 961/967. Lucretia Reeves Cook was in HH 959/967. Bersheba Johnson Adams, sister of Catherine Johnson Reeves, was in HH 958/966. Susan Reeves, 27, At Home, was in HH 951/965, with William and Sarah Franklin. This Susan may have been the widow of Jeremiah Reeves, but, if so, her children were not shown with her. She may also have been the unmarried adult daughter of Elisha Reeves, who had died a few years earlier. Elisha Reeves and Jeremiah Reeves were not related, but their families seem to have lived in close proximity. William Franklin's wife Sarah was a sister of Paulina Hamil Reeves, wife of Jeremiah's brother William Reeves. The Susan in the Franklin's household may have been a member of their family.

In 1874, John Thornton received guardianship for the children of Jeremiah Reeves, Jr. Also in 1874, one Susan Reeves married Haden Icks (Hicks). She may or may not have been Jeremiah Reeves's widow.

The 1880 Pike Co., GA, Census, GMD 581, HH 96/96, showed Haten Hicks, 28, Farmer, GA. His wife was Frances, 39, Keeping House, GA. One child, George W., 12, GA, was shown. Nearby were members of the family of William Reeves and Paulina Hamil. In HH 94/94 was David Reeves. In HH 87/87 was Hugh Henry Reeves. Both men were sons of William Reeves and Paulina Hamil. John and Sarah Hamil, age 59 and 62, were in HH 90/90. It may be that the Susan Reeves who married Haten Hicks was the same person shown in William Franklin's household in 1870. Whether she was Jeremiah Reeves's widow has yet to be determined.

At least two early Pike Co., GA, Reeves/Reaves marriages remain unidentified. Both may connect in some way to the family of William Reeves, but the connection has not been established. Lucy Ann Reeves married James Manry in 1849 and Calista Reeves married William Pyron in 1854.


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