Reeves, Peter Miller (1807 TN - 1891 TN)

Peter Miller Reeves

Reeves, Peter Miller


Father: Edward Prothero Reeves
Mother: Mary Miller

Birth: 16 Jan 1807, Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee
Birth Source: Headstone

Death: 21 Sep 1891, Sinking Spring, Tennessee
Death Source: Headstone

Spouse1: Matilda DaVault, daughter of Valentine DaVault (DeWald), m. 10 Mar 1836 in Washington County, Tennessee


Children of Peter Miller Reeves and Matilda DaVault:
  1. Addie Reeves
  2. George Reeves
  3. Elbert Clay Reeves
  4. John D. Reeves
  5. Susan Reeves
  6. James Reeves
Peter Miller Reeves and his brother William Pouder Reeves built Wheatland, a house built in 1838 in the Knob Creek Historic District, near present-day Johnson City.

He is listed with his brother William on the 1840 Census.

William and Peter were both trained as carpenters, and traveled through North Carolina taking commissions for important buildings, such as the Guilford Courthouse. The exceptional carvings and woodwork at Wheatland were undertaken by William.

Both brothers married daughters of Valentine DeVault.

The Peter Miller Reeves house is also in the Knob Creek Historic Conservation District of Johnson City, Tennessee at 1902 Knob Creek Road. The stately two-story residence was constructed by Peter Miller Reeves in 1846 and was called Sinking Springs due to the fact that at the time there was a spring on the farm which ran about 100 feet before it went back into the ground.


Birth:       Headstone, Carr-Reeves Cemetery, Washington County, Tennessee
Death:       Headstone, Carr-Reeves Cemetery, Washington County, Tennessee
Census:     1840 Census - Washington County, Tennessee