Reeves, Solomon G. (c1825 TN - 1879 TN)


Reeves, Solomon G.



Birth: c1825, Tennessee
Birth Source: Census

Death: Sep 1879, Bedford County, Tennessee
Death Source: 1880 Mortality Schedule

Spouse1: Rachel Catherine Covington


Children of Solomon G. Reeves and Rachel Catherine Covington:
  1. Levisa M. Reeves, b. c1846
  2. Elizabeth J. E. Reeves, b. c1849
  3. Mary Louisa Reeves, b. c1852
  4. Samuel L. Reeves, b. c1854
  5. Nancy G. Reeves, b. c1857
  6. Cassandra Reeves, b. c1859
  7. Solomon Reeves, b. c1861
  8. Jeper A. Reeves, b. c1863
  9. John E. Reeves, b. c1866

Minutes from the Bedford Chancery Court refer to "Solomon G. Reeves & wife Catherine who was a sister of said Ambrose B. (Covington)." On the census, his wife's name is given as Rachel C. Reeves. In a deed from 1847, Solomon G. Reeves and his wife Rachel Catherine Reeves sold land to A. B. Covington. An "A. Reeves" witnessed the deed.

The 1880 mortality schedule states both parents were born in North Carolina.

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Death:        1880 Mortality Schedule

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