Reeves, Susanna ( - aft 1698)


Reeves, Susanna


Father: Walter Reeve

Birth Source:

Death: aft 1698
Death Source: Father's Will



Susanna is mentioned in early Burlington Court records and is named as a daughter of Walter Reeve in his will. In 1686 she was summoned to court and stated that some previous statements she had made against John Woolston Jr. was false and slanderous. It states she "openly declared that what shee had before spoken and Testifyed against the said John Woolston and his wife is utterly false, and that shee hath therein wronged them, and that the other things shee hath declared Concerning Branford being burnt is alsoe false."

In another case Joseph & John Stockston give evidence that "the same Night the said Susanna Reeves layes the Scandall upon John Tonkan, that hee lay with her at John Gardners barne, they came out of Burlington in Company with John Tonkan, and the said Susanna Reeves parted from them at Yorkshire Bridge, And the said Deponents and said John Tonkan Rode togeather untill they came to Mattacopenny Bridge and then John Tonkan Rode before them to his owne house to make a Fyre against the said Stock tons should come." In reply to this accusation, "Isaac Marriott Attested, Defmseth that whereas the said Susanna Reeves and her father reported that the said Tonkan and said Susanna Reeves (the same day before that night in which shee reports the Scandall abovesaid) was drinking togeather at said Isaac Marriotts house, the said Deponent Deposes that hee saw noe such thing." In addition, "Benjamin Moore Attested, Deposeth, that the said Susanna Reeves said to him. That it was not her that slandered said Tonkan, but it was her Mothers wicked lyes." The court decided that she "Shall tomorrow betweene the howers of 12 and 2 be whipt betweene the Court house and the River not exceeding Forty Lashes well laid on. And Shall also pay Court Charges And* order her to be secured in Prison until the tyme of her whipping, and after until the Court Charges be paid or secured to be paid." The next day, the court reported: "Ordered that Susanna Reeves shall Serve John Antram for one yeare to Commence from this day a 1st February 1693/4 in Consideration That the said John Antram hath payd downe the Charges of Court on her behalf being 44s. And also in Consideration that John Pay to said Susanna 16s. more; Provided Shee serve him the said one whole yeare, which said Susanna promises to doe."

Given that Marriott's testimony mentions that Susanna's father reported that Susanna and Tonkin were drinking together, it appears that this Susanna was not married and probably a young woman. Moore in his testimony reported that Susanna had said to him "That it was not her that slandered said Tonkan, but it was her Mothers wicked lyes." This seems to be a reference to Susanna's mother and is a rather interesting statement. There is mention the day after the testimony (and the same day the order for her punishment was give) that the "Sheriffs returne of Executione against Walter Reeves not Served." It's likely therefore that Walter was going to be involved in this case at some point. Walter had married (apparently for the second time) in 1682 to Ann Howell. The first court case mentioning her is from four years later (1686) and this second one from 1694. She was therefore not a daughter of Ann Howell. Although she refers to her mother in 1693, this must be Ann, her step-mother. And given that she was accusing her "mother" of "wicked lyes" could reveal there was a rather difficult relationship between them.

So far no mention of Susanna has been found after Walter Reeve's will in 1698. She was not mentioned in the 1732 account given of Walter's estate, so she likely died before then.

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