Reeve, Walter (c1650 UK - 1698 NJ)


Reeve, Walter



Birth: c1650, United Kingdom probably England or Wales
Birth Source:

Death: c June 1698, Burlington, New Jersey
Death Source: Will proven 18 Jun 1698, Liber I of Wills, Page 541

Spouse1: probably Susanna
Spouse2: Ann Howell, m. 11 Nov 1682


Children of Walter Reeve and Susanna:
  1. John Reeve, b. c1674
  2. Susanna Reeve
Children of Walter Reeve and Anne Howell:
  1. Walter Reeve, Jr., b. 1684, d. 21 Mar 1754
  2. Jonathan Reeve, b. 1685, d. 1726
  3. William Reeve, b. c1686, d. 1748
  4. Elisha Reeve, b. 1688, d. 1750
  5. Joseph Reeve, b. c1690, d. Dec 1747
  6. Caleb Reeve, b. 1692, d. bef 1753
  7. Samuel Reeve, b. 1695, d. 1737
  8. Elizabeth Reeve, b. c1697

His actual date of birth is unknown, but it is assumed to be between 1650 and 1657. He initially lived on the south side of the North Branch of Rancocas Creek, and later bought a plantation on the north side of the creek, about midway between the village of Rancocas and the present town of Mt. Holly.

In his will, dated 16 May 1698 and proved 18 Jun 1698, he mentions: wife Anne, and sons John, William, Joseph, and daughter Susanna. In the will he requests that the rest of his estate be divided amongst all his children "begotten or to be begotten upon ye body of Ann, my said wife", as they attain the age of twenty-one years. The will also does not name son Jonathan, but a conveyance dated 1 Aug 1710, shows his widow, Anne, conveying “the tract of meadow land lying above the fork of Northampton River, on the north side of the South Branch of the river, previously purchased from John Wills by deed dated 10 Jan 1708” to her son Jonathan.

Research Notes

Walter Reeve's origins
In the handful of published genealogies of Walter Reeve, his origins remain unconfirmed but are typically stated as from England or Wales, and even possibly from Long Island, NY.
For the Long Island connection, some of them go further and say that he could be the son of Reeve_Thomas_4206 of Southold, NY. However, no sources have yet been found by us to back up this claim, and no record has been found in Southold town records of any son of Thomas named Walter.
This subject is addressed by Wesley Baker ( Reeve study, Page 187), where he mentions that:
  • several Southold Reeves were said to later settle in Northern NJ;
  • several Burlington, NJ Reeves were said to have come from Long Island; and
  • the children of Reeve_Walter_4745 and Reeve_John_4225 had very similar names (5 out of 10 match);
but supplies no other supporting evidence, and no primary records.


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