Reeves, Thomas (1649 ? - aft 1724 VA)


Reeves, Thomas


Father: Unknown

Birth: 1649, location unknown
Birth Source: Thomas Reeves' deposition given 9 Dec 1701 that he was age 52. Isle of Wight VA Deed Book 1, p. 339

Death: after 1724, probably Albemarle County, North Carolina
Death Source: Isle of Wight VA DB 2, p. 658

Spouse1: Mrs. Elizabeth Macquinny, widow of Michael Macquinny


From extant records of Isle of Wight County located at present, it does not appear that Thomas Reeves and Elizabeth, the widow of Michael Macquinny had any children although the marriage appears to have been late in life and there may have been a previous wife. It is noteworthy that at an advanced age in 1724, it was to his step-son Barnaby Macquinny that he gave a power of attorney to act on his behalf in a deed.

From land records of Isle of Wight, Virginia:
John Browne delivered a deed of sale for 200 acres to Wm. Scott, 9 Feb 1690 and 100 acres to Richard Showell and unto Thomas Reeves about 200 acres.***A pat. of 20 Oct 1688. He now empowers his wife to acknowledge these sales in court, 9 Feb. 1690. Teste Robt. Scott, Rich. Scott. John Browne, the Elder, sells Richard Showell 100 acres in I. of W. called --- Neck. 3 June, 1690. Teste, Edw. Floid, Hen. Baker.

A land grant to John Browne of 500 acres 20 Oct. 1688. Effingham. John Brown and wife Mary assigned this patent to Thomas Reeves. 9 Mar. 1690. Thomas and Elizabeth then assigned it to Thomas Hamton in 1696.

On the 10th of August, 1700, Thomas Reeves and his step-son Barnaby Mackquinny witnessed the will of James Day in Isle of Wight County.

Isle of Wight Deed Book 1, 1688-1704, p. 339, 9 Dec 1701...Deposition of Thomas Reeves, aged 52, states that he knoweth Michaell Mackquinny owned a certain piece of land in his lifetime and in his will gave his main plantation to his younger son Barnaby Mckquinny but after his death the land was going to be Escheat and it is now held by said Reeves in right of his wife Elizabeth Reeves who received it for her lifetime from her husband Michael Mackquinny...Rec: 9 Dec 1701 Thomas (x) Reeves
IBID (p. 340) 9 Dec 1701...Deposition of Elizabeth Reeves, about 60 years old, concurs about the above land, her former husband Michael Mackquinny and his two sons John Mackquinny and Barnaby Mackquinny. Elizabeth (x) Reeves

Thomas Reeves was listed on the 1704 Isle of Wight, Virginia Quit Rents with 600 acres.

Isle of Wight Deed Book 2, 1704-1715 p. 96 19
4 Aug 1704...Thomas Reeves and wife, Elizabeth Reeves, to Richard Exum...200 acres on the south side of main Blackwater (being part of a patent for 740 acres granted said Reeves on 24 Oct 1701) and bounded by Tarrapin Branch and Seacock Swamp. Wit: Phillip (X) Raphard (Rayford ?) and Barnabe Mackime. Thomas (X) Reeves; Elizabeth (X) Reeves, Rec: 9 Oct 1704

Isle of Wight Co. VA Deed Bk 2, p. 658
Power of attorney of Thomas Reaves of Albemarle Co. NC to his son-in-law Barnabe MacKinnie, for the deed of John Right of Isle of Wight Co. for 540 acres. 18 June 1724, rec. 22 June 1724. Wt: Isaac Rickes, John Mackinnie

Volume III, 1695–1732 of Cavaliers and Pioneers (Nugent) lists on page 135 -
Edward Stephens, 230 acres – New Land – in the Is. Of Wight Co., S. side of the main Blackwater Sw. on N. side of Seacock Sw; adj. Thomas Reeves; & WILLIAM CRUMPLER; 13 Nov 1713, p. 103, Imp. Of 5 pers: Richd. Wyson, Danl. Elliott, Grace Thornton, Anne Holmes, Edwd. Stephens. Thomas Reeves is also named on 18 Nov 1731 as an adjoining land owner in an Isle of Wight County deed, James Basden Sr. to William Crumpler, Jr. although it is unclear whether Thomas was still living at that time. Isle of Wight VA, DB 4, p. 140-141

Research Notes

Although there are currently no records known to indicate a family relationship to Henry Reeves, Sr. who was first identified in Isle of Wight County before his move to Rappahannock and Essex Counties, they do appear to be the only Reeves individuals recorded in Isle of Wight during the 17th century.

Additionally, in Isle of Wight County Records published April, 1899 in the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 4. on pages 205-315 (see below) it appears that a Thomas Reeves, possibly the father of this individual, and Roger Bagnal may have been first imported into Virginia at the same time. Elizabeth the wife of Henry Reeves, Sr. is believed to be the daughter of James Roger Bagnall, also of Isle of Wight which could indicate a connection.
John Upton, 1650 acres in the county of Warresquioake, about three miles up Pagan Point Creek. Due for the importation of 33 persons (names) below:

Rich. Young, Antho, a negro, Mary, a negro, Florence Richards, Roger Bagnal, Ralph Harwood, Thomas Reeves, Rich. Sparkman, Edwd. Burr, Savage Nerrie, Wm. Scott, Rich. Jones, Fr. Savage, Owen Howell, Nich. Bushell, James Parsons, Jon. Parker, Lewis Phillips, Morgan Roberts, Wm. Davis, John Fitchett, Morgan Evans, Christopher Lewis, Phillip Kennesley, Eliz, King, Martha Swann, Mary Johnson, Jonas Sadlington, Anth. Tyler, Peter Heyes, Rich. Jackson, Wm. Pincher, Eliz. Larkin. Granted July 7, 1635.

There is another deed recorded in Book 2, p640/1 of Isle of Wight County Deeds dated 22 Apr 1724 where Thomas Rives and his wife Mary sold 200 acres on the south side of Maherin River to Samuel Clerk. It may be that Thomas was married twice and his second wife was Mary, or this could be a different individual with the last name "Rives."


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