Rives, Benjamin (c1706 - )

Rives, Benjamin

Rives, Benjamin


Father: William Rives
Mother: Elizabeth Foster?

Birth: c1706
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:



Children of Benjamin Rives:
  1. John Rives, b. c1730

From Reliques of the Rives:
Benjamin Rives, who was born about 1706, was a resident of Prince George county. With William Rives he obtained on January 10, 1735, for the payment of 40 shillings, a patent for 500 acres in Amelia county, Virginia, on the lower side of the Lazaretta fork of the Little Nottoway River, a grant which was disposed of on November 12, 1746, when “William Rives and Benjamin Rives of the County of Prince George” deeded the above property to George Currie of Amelia for £ 70, the deed being witnessed by John Bridgeforth, Arthur x Leigh and Robert Ferguson. Benjamin Rives was evidently one of the executors of his father’s estate for on March 1, 1746, he was one of the grantors, with George Rives of Brunswick and Thomas and Mary jeffries of Brunswick, to Timothy Rives of Brunswick, of land surveyed by William Rives, the land being that patented by him on February 22, 1724 and given by will by William Rives to Thomas Jeffries. Benjamin Rives was apparently a widower at this time for, of the three grantors, only Sarah, wife of George Rives, and Mary, wife of Thomas Jefiries, are recorded as relinquishing their dower rights. On March 4, 1746, as “Benjamin Rives of the County of Prince George,” he deeded, with Timothy Rives “of Brunswick,” two tracts of land to Thomas Jeffries in St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick county on the southside of the Meherrin River, the one of 200 acres and the other of 50 acres. He appears in 1759 as the administrator of the estate of his mother, Elizabeth Rives, in Prince George, and it could hardly have been other than he who was mentioned in the will of John Rives of Brunswick in 1775 as “my * * * father Benjamin Rives.” Of the issue of Benjamin Rives only this one child is known.


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