Rives, Frederick (1755 VA - 1791 NC)

Rives, Frederick

Rives (Reeves), Frederick


Father: William Rives
Mother: Elender or Eleanor

Birth: 15 Mar 1755, Sussex County, Virginia
Birth Source: Albemarle Parish Register

Death: c Nov 1791, Johnston County, North Carolina
Death Source: RW Pension File and Johnston County NC Probate Records

Spouse1: Betsy or Betty MNU


Hartwell Reeves stated in 1843 documents which he submitted in an effort to draw Frederick Reeves' RW pension after the death of his mother, Betsy, that he had 3 siblings who were all deceased by that time. There is an extremely degraded scrap of paper from the Revolutionary Pension file of Frederick Reeves that has the names of the four children written on them. The names of Henry Reeves and Hartwell Reeves near the center of the paper are discernable as are their dates of birth, but the names of both daughters are much more faint; however the older daughter's name appears to be Lydia and her date of birth 17 Jul 1778.

Children of Frederick and Betsy Reeves:
  1. Lydia Reeves, 17 Jul 1778
  2. Henry Reeves, 9 Nov 1779
  3. Hartwell Reeves, 1 Mar 1783
  4. Syntha or Cynthia Reeves
In pension statements given by Hartwell Reeves after his mother's death, he stated that all of his siblings were deceased at that time. Henry Reeves apparently died before Frederick Reeves made his will in 1791 since there is no mention of him.

A transcription of the statement for Betty Reeves' Revolutionary War widow's pension based upon Frederick Reeves' service (#W18801) is available at - http://southerncampaign.org/pen/w18801.pdf


1784 Tax List, Johnston County, North Carolina
1791 Will of Frederick Reeves, probated Johnston County WB 1 p50
RW Pension of Frederick Reeves

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