Rives/Reeves, William (c 1715 VA-1778 NC)


Rives (Reeves), William


Father: Rives, Richard
Mother: Dorothy

Birth: 1715, Surry County, Virginia
Birth Source:

Death: c Feb 1778, Bute County, North Carolina
Death Source: Bute County NC Probate Records, 1776 Will

Spouse1: Francis, c1740, Surry County, Virginia
Spouse1: Elender, c1752, Surry County, Virginia


Children of William Rives and Francis:
  1. Brune Rives, 14 Aug 1739, Surry County, Virginia
  2. Molly Rives, 20 Sep 1743, Surry County, Virginia
  3. Frances Rives, 29 Dec 1745, Surry County, Virginia
  4. William Rives, 1 Jul 1748, Surry County, Virginia
  5. John Rives, 24 Mar 1751, Surry County, Virginia

Children of William Rives and Elender/Eleanor:
  1. Winney Rives, 31 Oct 1752, Surry County, Virginia
  2. Frederick Rives or Reeves, 15 Mar 1755, Surry County, Virginia
  3. Anna Reeves, 11 Mar 1759, Surry County, Virginia
  4. Richard Rives or Reeves, 26 Apr 1761, Sussex County, Virginia
  5. Elizabeth Bridges Rives, 29 May 1763, Sussex County, Virginia
  6. Peter Rives, 7 Apr 1766, Sussex County, Virginia
  7. Hambleton Rives or Reeves c 1768, Bute County, North Carolina

From Reliques of the Rives:
William Rives, born about 1715 in Surry county, Virginia, and who died in 1778 in Bute county, North Carolina, has left but little to record concerning him. In 1742 he was a private "soldier of Foot" in the Surry county militia (Hening). The Albemarle Parish Register, of which parish he was a member, records him as the godparent (with Thany Whitehead and Elizabeth Spane), of Elizabeth, born 1747, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Rives; (with Joel Knight and Eleanor Rives), of Joel, born 1767, son of James and Frances Horne; and (with James and Jane Horne), of Nicholas, born 1769, son of [James and] Frances Horne. His first wife, Frances Rives, died suddenly on April 13, 1751, according to the Albemarle Parish Register, and he remarried very soon thereafter, Eleanor. About 1767 William Rives moved to Bute county, North Carolina, where his will dated October 15, 1776, was probated in February, 1778, naming his wife "Elender" and sons, Frederick, Richard, Peter, and Hambleton Rives, and appointing his wife and Frederick Rives and Henry Freeman as executors.


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