Rives, John (c1719 VA - 1795 VA)

Rives, John

Rives, John


Father: Richard Rives
Mother: Dorothy MNU

Birth: c1719, Virginia
Birth Source: Estimated based upon extant records of Prince George County VA

Death: 1795, Bristol Parish, Prince George, Virginia
Death Source: Bristol Parish Register records that he was buried on March 15th, 1795

Spouse1: Frances
Spouse2: Amey?


Children of John Rives and Frances:
  1. William Rives, b. 13 Jul 1743
  2. Mary Rives, b. 17 Jul 1745
  3. John Rives, b. 15 Nov 1747
  4. Richard Rives, 6 Oct 1750
  5. Thomas Rives, b. 15 Sep 1753
  6. Smith Rives

From Reliques of the Rives:
Colonel John Rives, born about 1719, was a resident of Bristol Parish, Prince George county, Virginia, from the Register of which the names of his wife, Frances, and of his children are obtained. Due to the partial destruction of the Prince George county records, there is little to chronicle regarding him, other than his occasional appearance as a godparent in the Albemarle Parish Register of Sussex county. John and Frances Rives (his wife), with Benjamin Rives, were the godparents of Foster, born June 14, 1746, son of William and Elizabeth Cook. With his wife, Frances, and Richard Rives, John Rives was godparent of Richard, born March 17, 1750, son of Peter and Elizabeth Rives; with Richard Rives, Jr., and Elizabeth Rives, he was godfather of John, born 1751, son of William and Frances Rives; and, with his wife, Frances, and Peter Rives he was godfather of John, born 1752, son of William and Mary Weathers.
The Bristol Parish Register no doubt records his passing in the entry, "Col. John Reeves (of Sussex) buried March 15th, 1795." According to the Bristol Parish Register, he had issue by his wife, Frances, as follows: (see above, except for Smith).

Research Notes

Childs may have misidentified John Rives of Bristol Parish as the son of Richard Rives. In 1759, Richard Rives conveyed the "part of the tract on which the said Richard Reives now lives" to a John Rives, both of them being "of the parish of Albemarle in the county of Sussex." This is presumably passing his home place to his son before he moved to North Carolina. However this individual is identified by Childs as John Rives (c1736 - c1787) s/o William. Childs identified a John Rives who had a wife named Frances whose children are listed in the Bristol Parish Register 1743-1753 and who was godfather to individuals there with his wife Frances during this same time period as John son of Richard. There is a deed from 1767 in which John Rives sells this same land he received from Richard. However, his wife named Amey is mentioned in the deed. If this is indeed the same individual, then he moved from Bristol (back?) to Albemarle Parish between 1753 and 1759 and had remarried between 1753 and 1767. Reliques mentions his burial from the Bristol Parish Register from 1795. Further investigation is need to better distinguish this John Rives from John Rives who married Amy Carter and determine for sure which family they belong to.


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