Rives, John (1736 VA - 1787 VA)

Rives, John

Rives, John


Father: William Rives

Birth: 1736, Prince George County, Virginia
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 1787, Prince George County, Virginia
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Amy Carter


Children of John Rives and Amy Carter:
  1. Lucreita Rives, b. 15 Aug 1761
  2. Anne Rives, b. 9 Aug 1765
  3. Sarah Rives, b. c1769, m. Edmund Owen
  4. Charlotte Rives, b. 13 Nov 1774, m. Robert Owen
  5. "daughter" Rives, m. Peter Burchett
  6. Robert Carter Rives, b. c1776
  7. Peter Rives, b. c1780
  8. Edmund Harris Rives, b. c1783

From Reliques of the Rives:
John Rives was born about 1736 in Prince George Gounty, Virginia, where he resided throughout his life with the exception of a few years spent in Albemarle Parish, Sussex county, Virginia, from the time of his marriage about 1759 to about 1767. On February 16, 1759, he purchased from Richard Rives, Sen., his father’s first cousin, at which time he was described as of the Parish of Albemarle, Sussex county, "land on the south side of the Nottoway River on which the said Rich" now lives * * * between the said Richard Reives and Richard Rieves Junr." In 1767, with his wife, Amy, John Rives disposed of this land to William Petway and returned to Prince George county where he died about 1787. On June 12th of that year Peter Williams and Amy Rives, described as executor and executrix of John Rives, deceased, conveyed to Joshua Heath in Prince George county, Virginia, 120 acres known as "Butlers," the deed being witnessed by Peter Williams, Lemuel Peebles, and Heartwell Peebles. The will of John Rives, like those of a number of other members of the family, perished in the destruction of most of the Prince George county records at the hands of Federal soldiers. In the Guardian Account Book, however, of Sussex county, for the years 1787-1824, there is recorded an account running from 1795 to 1797 of Benjamin Owen, described as the guardian of Robert C. Rives, "orphan of John Rives, deed," Peter Williams being designated in the account as the executor of John Rives.
Amy Rives, wife of John Rives, was a daughter of Richard Carter, of Sussex county, Virginia, whose will in that county dated March 19, 1762, mentions children Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth Hall, Amey Rives, Leweey Carter, Rebecca Carter, Patte Carter, Richard Carter, and grandson John Simonds. Witnesses of the will were Benjamin Rives, Benjamin Tomlinson, John Gee, and Glaister Hunnicut. Richard Carter was a resident of Albemarle Parish, as the Register of that parish records the birth of a daughter Lucy on September 16, 1748, to Richard and Sarah Carter, the godparents of whom were Charles Gee, Frances Rives and Mary Dansey.

Reliques cites the Albermarle Parish Register for Lucretia and Anne's births. Charlotte's references a Bible record.

Research Notes

More research is needed to better distinguish this individual from John Rives son of Richard Rives.


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