Rives, Robert Carter (c1776 - )


Rives, Robert Carter


Father: John Rives
Mother: Amy Carter

Birth: c1776, probably Virginia
Birth Source: Reliques

Death Source:



Possible Child of Robert Carter Rives:
  1. Robert C Rives, m. Sarah Toombs

From Reliques of the Rives:
Robert Carter Rives was born about 1776, presumably in Prince George county, Virginia, removing to Davidson county, Tennessee, with his two younger brothers about the time he came of age in 1797. It will be remembered that Benjamin Owen, his guardian, filed his guardianship account in Sussex county, Virginia, in 1797.
Robert Carter Rives was extremely active in the purchase and sale of land in Davidson county, Tenn. On August 6, 1798, he purchased land in that county from James Chappell. On January 12, 1802, he bought 100 acres on the west fork of Mill Creek which he sold on June 24th to Samuel Fitzhugh. In November of the same year he purchased a similar tract from Samuel B. Harris, and, in December, disposed of 105 acres on Mill Creek to Robert Owen, to which Joshua and James Owen were witnesses. In 1808 he was appointed guardian of Benjamin Owen’s three children, James Owen being appointed administrator of Benjamin Owen’s estate. In the same year he made over to James Jackson and John Haggatt 110 acres of land, two slaves and a stud horse to idemnify them against any loss they might sustain as his sureties in the suit of John Cockrill against Robert C. Rives. In that year, 1808, he conveyed for $400 to Edmund Rives 40 acres on Mill Creek, the witnesses being Frederick and Robert Owen. Others, who were parties to his land transactions, included, Samuel Haggard, William Ramsey, Robert Henderson, Lawrence Carlisle, Samuel McNees, Floyd Hurt, James Owen of Williamson county, and John Blair. Upon the sale of the personality of Peter Rives, deceased, in Williamson county, in 1812, Robert C. Rives was the purchaser of a number of items in the inventory.

At a Davidson County Court meeting court 13 Jan 1800, Robert was appointed guardian of Peter Reeves and Edmond Reeves.


1820 Census:  Davidson County, Tennessee
1830 Census:  Davidson County, Tennessee

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