Rives, Thomas (1790 NC - 1870 KY)

Rives, Thomas

Rives, Thomas


Father: William McGuffey Rives
Mother: Mary Catherine Turner

Birth: 4 Nov 1790, Warren County, North Carolina
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 1870, Christian County, Kentucky
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Mary B. Collins, m. 19 Oct 1813, Granville County, North Carolina (bond)


Children of Thomas Rives and Mary B. Collins:
  1. Edward Rives, b. c1814
  2. James Turner Rives, b. 21 Mar 1816
  3. Mary Jane Rives, b. 9 Feb 1821, m. James W. Coleman
  4. Thomas Rives, b. c1823
  5. Susan A. Rives, b. c1825, m. James Oldham

From Reliques of the Rives:
Thomas Rives of Christian county, Kentucky, was born November 4, 1790, in Warren county, North Carolina, and accompanied his brothers, Stephen Turner Rives and Robert Rives, in their southwestern migration from North Carolina to Tennessee about 1825. Thomas Rives purchased a plantation in Christian county, Kentucky, about five miles east of Garrettsburg where he resided until his death in 1870. In stature he was six feet three inches, and weighed 310 pounds. On account of his size he was obliged to have a carriage made especially for him. He was very fond of hunting and fishing and entertaining. There are numerous stories told of his sociability.
Shortly after the war Dick Bridgewater who, with his brother, owned a mill not far distant from Thomas Rives’ home, went to the latter to purchase corn and while the wagons were being loaded the dinner horn blew. "Well," Mr. Rives remarked, "I guess the old lady has some dinner for us, so we had better go to the house." While they were washing their hands on the back porch a servant came out with a waiter containing three glasses, some mint, a sugar bowl and some ice. Mr. Rives, filling the glasses in their proper proportions, bade his guests arrange the mixture according to their several tastes. While sipping his julep Mr. Bridgewater said, "Mr. Rives, the war does not seem to have made very much change in your manner of living," to which Mr. Rives replied, "Well, no, I guess not, I drink my dram just as regularly, and sweeten it just as sweet as I ever did." Another story told of him is of his perplexity as to the suitor whom his daughter should favor and as to the practical manner in which he reached his decision. One day while riding through the woods he was heard to repeat over to himself, "Radford, Coleman; Radford, Coleman; Radford, Coleman. Radford! He’s the man. He’s got the most niggers." But his daughter Jane took matters into her own hands and married Coleman, the one not so well off.
To Thomas Rives and his wife, Polly Collins, five children were born, all of whom spent their lives near the home of their parents except Thomas, who removed to the Kentucky Purchase and settled near Paducah, Ky.


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