Ryves, Charles (1628 - 1692)

Ryves, Charles

Ryves, Charles


Father: George Ryves
Mother: Elizabeth Ryves

Birth: 1628
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 1692
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Mary Hudson


Children of Charles Ryves and Mary Hudson:
  1. Ann Ryves, b. c1669, m. Mr. Zouch
  2. Mary Ryves, b. c1671, m. Henry Bishop
  3. Elizabeth Ryves, b. c1673

From Reliques of the Rives:
Charles Ryves, born 1628, died 1692, was a grocer of London and a charter member, with his brother Robert, of the Royal African Company, chartered 1672-73 (Va. Hist. Soc. Coll. vi, p. 42). Hutchins gives his baptism at Ewerne Courtney in 1628 as the son of George Ryves of Randleston which is confirmed by his will:
P. C. C. 211 Fane.
Dated 5 Oct. 1692.
Proved 11 Nov. 1692.

I, Charles Ryves, citizen and Grocer of London commend my immortall soule to Almighty God my most mercifull father in and through Jesus Christ my onely Lord and Saviour assuredly believing that by and through his alone precious death and meritts all my sinns are pardoned and my body I commit to the earth ... to rest in hope of a Joyfull resurrection at the last day. As for my part and share of my late brother Robert Ryve his estate and all other my goods I give to my dear and loving wife Mary Ryves my share in my brother Robert's estate, my brother Richard Ryves I give one third part of my estate towards the maintenance and bringing up of my daughter Elizabeth until the age of 21, she and my other two daughters who are neere at age being provided for by my eldest brother George Ryve, Esqur., deceased. My wife Mary to be Executrix desiring her to give mourning to her two brothers, John and Thomas Hudson and to my brothers Henry and Richard Ryves and a mourning ring to my cousin Thomas Haytham and to my brother Richard's three sons each of them a ring and to my sister Mary Ryves and to Mr. Henry Ryves his wife Elizabeth each of them a ring and the same to each of my two cozins Anne and Elizabeth Haytham.

He married, according to his will, Mary Hudson, who died in 1698, leaving also a will:
P. C. C. 219 Lort.
Dated 9 Sept. 1698.
Proved 6 Oct. 1698.

I, Mary Ryves, of the parish of St. Katherine Creechurch, London, widdow, commend my Soul to Almighty God hopeing and assuredly believing that through the death passion and alone merrits of my dear and only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ all my Sinns are pardoned and that my body . . . which I desire may be decently buryed at St. Dionis Backchurch, London, shall at the general day of Resurrection be reunited to my soul and together with it inherit eternall life and glory in the Kingdom of Heaven. I entrust to my executors £10 to relieve therewith my dear loveing sister Sarah Bull at such time as they shall think fit. I give to my loving daughter Ann Zouch one hair gold ring, 3 gilded spoons and one half of my necklace of pearle. I give to my loving daughter Mary Bishop 3 gilt spoons and one enamelled ring, to my Cousin and Goddaughter Anne Wayte one 20 s. broad peice of gold, to my Aunt Maxey £5, to grandson Charles Bishop £50 at 21 or sooner to put to him to trade or calleing, I give to my loveing daughter Elizabeth Ryvers my silver Tankard, 3 silver gilt spoones, one silver cupp, 2 silver pottingers, 2 silver spoons, one silver salt cellar and the other half of my necklace of pearl, the sad colored Serge Bed with the bedsteed curtaines vallens pillows, boulster, rugg, blanketts, and one other feather bed, £100 of money, all my childbed Lynnen at 21 yeares or on the day of her marriage with my executors consent over and above one third part of the estate which my deceased husband Charles Ryvers left her by his will. I give to my brother Charles Hudson my largest guilt spoon and to my brother John Hudson my pilgrim gold Ring and do make them joynt executors. Witnesses : Tho : Rosell, Grace Browne, the mark of Elizabeth Cheatly.


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