Ryves, John (c1648 - )

Ryves, John

Ryves, John


Father: Robert Ryves
Mother: Ann

Birth: c1648
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Mary


Children of John Ryves and Mary:
  1. George Ryves, b. May 1680 d. 28 Feb 1681
  2. Mary Ryves, bap. 2 Jun 1681, m. William Salkeld
  3. John Ryves, bap. 4 July 1682

From Reliques of the Rives:
John Ryves, born about 1648, was elected to Winchester College at the age of 12 and was admitted in 1663 as "of Fifehead Dorset" (Kirby). He matriculated at Wardham College, Oxford, 6 December 1667, aged 19, as "son of Robert Ryves of Fifield, Dorset, gent.," and proceeded thence to the Middle Temple, 1667-68 (Foster). He evidently married Mary, whose burial at Fifehead Neville was recorded 18 May 1738.


Childs, James Rives. Reliques of the Rives, p45