Ryves, Robert (c1623 - c1658)

Ryves, Robert

Ryves, Robert


Father: Robert Ryves
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1623
Birth Source:

Death: c1658
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Spouse1: Anne


Children of Robert Ryves and Ann:
  1. Robert Ryves, b. c1646
  2. John Ryves, b. c1648
  3. Ann Ryves, b. c1653, m. Bernard Minnie

From Reliques of the Rives:
Robert Ryves, born about 1623, of Fifehead Neville, co. Dorset, is identified as the son of 114. Robert5 Ryves by his will (1658) in which he mentions "my loving Cozens Mr. George Rives of Randleston . . . and Mr. John Rives of Handford" that is to say, his uncle, 109. George5 Ryves of Randleston (1588-1666), and the latter's son, 117. John6 Ryves of Handford (1614-1667), the one of whom was made executor and the other, overseer, of his will. Further proof of his descent is had from the will of 120. George6 Ryves (1627-1689), of Randleston, son of 109. George above, and the mention therein of "Bernard Min and his wife" in a long enumera tion of relatives, as also from the codicil (1697) of Mary Ryves, widow of 120. George6 Ryves, which records a gift of £20 "unto my loving kinswoman Ann Mynn." This Ann was a daughter of Robert Ryves, of Fifehead Neville, and was given in marriage in 1674 to Bernard Minne or Min or Mynne by her guardian, 120. George6 Ryves of Randleston (post).

He was a Royalist during the first Civil War, serving in the King's forces, for which his estate was sequestrated and for the recovery of which he addressed a petition in 1650:
To the right hoble the Commissioners for Compositions at Goldsmythes Hall.
The humble petition of Robert Ryves of ffifehead Nevill in the County of Dorset, gentleman. Sheweth:
That your petitioner in the begynning of the late troubles did adhere unto and assist the late Kinge and his forces against the parliament and so ingaged in the first warr only.
That for this his said delinquency his estate hath been sequestered by the Committee of the County of Dorset and it continueth still in sequestration.
He therefore humbly prayes that he may be admitted to a favourable composition for his said delinquency upon the particular of his estate . . . according to the late votes and orders of Parliament. (State Papers, Inter regnum, Committee for Compounding, vol. G, ccxiii, No. 170) .

His "said delinquency" consisted no doubt of an act of which he had been accused in 1649, of having frequented Sherborne and other garrisons and of having raised a party to surprise a troop of horse sent by Sir William Waller to take Thomas Young, an active Royalist and to have threatened to shoot one man who would not go. At the time he was reported as "worth" £150 a year (Calendar State Papers, 1649).

Further information concerning him is given in his will:
P. C. C. 578 Wootton.
Dated ?
Proved 22 Oct. 1658.

I, Robert Rives of Fifehead Neville in the co. of Dorset, gent., commend my poore and sinfull soule into the hands of that Almighty God which gave it mee in full hope and assurance and that notwithstanding the unworthinesse thereby yet through the death merrits and passion of his sonne Jesus Christ my onelie Saviour and Redeemer hee accept thereof and receive it unto his everlastinge habitation. I give unto the reparations of the church of Fifehead Nevill in case I shall bee therein buryed 20 s. unto the poore of the said parish 20 s. I give unto my wife Anne six of my best cowes such as shee shall make choyce of and the use of my plate, bedding, linen, household stuff and implements of house and husbandry as shee shall think fitt to use desiring her to perserve the same the best she cann for the good of her children and to distribute the same amongst them at her death or before. I give unto my daughter Anne £300 at the age of 20 or daie of marriage . . . her brothers Robert and John. ... I give unto my sonne Robert my eldest sonne my best silver Tankard. All the rest of my goods I give to my two sonns Robert Rives and John Rives whom I make my executors but my eldest son Robert to have a double proportion. In case all my children die before the age of 21 my estate is to be divided amongst the children of Mary Rowswell my sister wife of Alexander Rowswell but their eldest sonne Thomas to have noe part thereof. I do hereby intreate and appoint Anne my well beloved wife my loving Cozens Mr. George Rives of Randleston and Mr. John Fussell of Blandford to bee my Executors in trust during the minority of my said Sonnes Robert Rives and John Rives and my cosen Mr. John Rives of Handford to bee my Overseer of this my will. And to each of them I give a peece of plate of the value of £10. My further will is that my executors in Trust after my decease as soone as they can with convenience (if the same may be procured) purchase my said Sonnes their lives in my livinge at Sturminster and put them into one lease (if it may bee) (there is much more about lands of the testator at Cheriton, Fifehead and Sturminster). . . .


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