Ryves, John (1614 - ?)

Ryves, John

Ryves, John


Father: George Ryves
Mother: Mary Hussey

Birth: 1614
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Mary Welsted (Seymor)


From Reliques of the Rives:
John Ryves, born in 1614, is shown by Hutchins as the son and heir of George Ryves, of Randleston, aged 9 in 1623. He went up to Oxford, like his father and grandfather before him, and like them matriculated at Hart Hall on 4 March 1630-31, aged 17, as "the son of George of Shroton, Dorset." Continuing further in the footsteps of his parent and grandparent, he was admitted to the Middle Temple, 11 February 1631-32 as the "son and heir of George Ryves of Ranston, co. Dorset, gent.," where he rose, like his kinsman, Sir William Ryves, to be a Master of the Bench in 1661. Ingpen, from whom his record as a Middle Templar is taken, adds that he was related to Sir William Ryves, and gives his arms as, "Arg : three mascles in bend between two cotises sa." As "my cosen Mr. John Ryves of Handford" he was appointed (1658) one of the overseers of the will of 186. Robert5 Ryves. He left a will:
P. C. C. 137 Carr.
Dated 3 August 1666.
Proved 12 October 1667.

I, John Ryves of Rauston or Ranston in the County of Dorset, Esquire, render my soule into the hands of my faithful Redeemer Jesus Christ. . . . My body I desire may be decently interred (if I dye in the co. of Dorset and that it may be without too much trouble) in the vault at Handford. . . . My great Bible in six volumes and all my divinity books I give to my Brother Thomas Ryves. All the rest of my Bookes law Bookes and others together with my Chamber in the Middle Temple, London, I give to my Brother George Ryves. My lease in the Parsonage of Ellingham in co. Hants . . . and my Residue to be distributed amongst all my daughters unmarried. Concerning my manor or ffarme of Ranston and my meadows at Childeockford co. Dorset I have by deed bearing date of July tenth last conveyed them unto George Hussey of Marnhull and Robert Seymer of Handford co. Dorset, Esquires in trust. And concerning my houses in St. John Streete London, I devise them in trust to Richard Newman of Fifehead, Magdalin, co. Dorset, Esquire, and Robert Sewell of Paul's Churchyard, London, draper, George Hussey and Robert Seymer to be my Executors. To each of them I give a peece of Plate of the value of £5. Signed sealed and published in the presence of Richard West, Henry Glover, John Young and Ni: Ingram.

He married "Mary, daughter of Henry Welsted, and relict of Henry Seymer of Hanford, died 1688" (Hutchins). Besides this testimony of her there is extant her will:
P. C. C. 24 Ent.
Dated 3 Nov. 1686.
Proved 9 Feb. 1688.

I, Mary Rives of Handford in the co. of Dorset widdow . . . bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmighty God my creator in assured hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection at the last day my body ... to bee decently interred in the Vault at the Church of Handford at the expense of £350 if my Executors shall think that sufficient besides £20 to be distributed amongst the poore at my ffunerall. ... I give to my daughter Katherine Bennet £200, to my daughter Elizabeth Berkeley £500 and all my books and manuscripts, to every one of the children of my sonne Seymer, of the children of my daughter Eyre deceased, of my daughter Stawell, deceased, of my daughter Berkeley and to my Grandchild Edward Topp sonne of my daughter Bennet I give three twenty shilling peices of broad gold, to everyone of the children of my daughter Baker, and of my daughter Symonds I give a 20 shilling piece of broad gold, all the rest of my broad gold I give to my daughter Benet and my daughter Berkeley. My wedding ring which I had by my husband Seymer I give to my sonne Seymour and the wedding ring which I had by my husband Rives I give to my grandchild Giles Eyre. All the rest of my Rings I give to my daughter Bennet and my daughter Berkeley. . . . My cabinet I give to my sonne Seymour my chest of drawers to my grandchild Elizabeth Baker, my watch to my grandchild Edward Topp, £200 which is in my Sonne in law Symond's hands I give unto my Sonne Robert Seymour Esq in trust for my daughter Symonds (here follow many similar bequests to children, grandchildren and godchildren but none of the name of Ryves). . . . All my wearing apparell I give to my daughter Symonds. Executors my very loving Sonne Robert Seymour and my loving daughter Elizabeth Berkeley and my brother George Rives Esqr to each of which I give £20 to buy a Peece of plate. . . . My late husband John Ryves Esq., deceased. Witnesses : J. Pitt, M. Ingram, Richard Lisle, G. Pashen.

Hutchins gives as the issue of John and Mary Ryves, "Elizabeth, bur. at E. C. 28 Aug. 1672" and Mary, who were, in fact, the issue of his half-brother, George. The only issue mentioned by John Ryves in his will were "all my daughters unmarried." His wife makes no mention of daughters by the name of Ryves and, as she had daugh ters by her first husband, Henry Seymer, it is impossible to distinguish in her will the issue, if any, by her second husband, John Ryves. It is patent, however, that there was no male issue.


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