Ryves, Richard (1635 - ?)


Ryves, Richard


Father: George Ryves
Mother: Elizabeth Ryves

Birth: 1635
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death Source:

Spouse1: Rachel Northey


Children of Richard Ryves and Rachel Northey:
  1. Thomas Ryves, b. 1664
  2. Richard Ryves
  3. "son" Ryves

From Reliques of the Rives:
Richard Ryves, born in 1635 at Ewerne Courtney, co. Dorset; living in 1692; became a resident of London. The evidence for him consists of Hutchins, who notes his baptism at Ewerne Courtney 23 September 1635, son of George Ryves of Randleston, and the mention of him in the will (1692) of his brother, 121. Charles Ryves. Hutchins records his marriage to a "sister of Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General" which is confirmed by the marriage license issued by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury at London, viz: "1663, Nov. 30, Richard Ryves of St. Mary le Bow, London, bachr, 28, and Rachel Northey, spinster, 21, daughter of Wm Northey of St. Stephen's Coleman St., said city, esq. who consents ; at St. Stephen's afsd., the Temple Church, or St. Lawrence, Old Jewry, London."
By her he had at least three sons according to the will (1692) of his brother, Charles, who mentions "my brother Richard's three sons," of whom but two are recorded by Hutchins: (see above).

Research Notes

Rachel Northey was the daughter of William Northey and Elizabeth Garrett.


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