Ryves, Thomas (1664 - 1704)


Ryves, Thomas


Father: Richard Ryves
Mother: Rachel Northey

Birth: 1664 bapt. 15 Oct 1664
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: ‎4 November 1704
Death Source: Reliques of the Rives

Spouse1: Ann Cochin


Children of Thomas Ryves and Ann Cochin:
  1. Elizabeth Ryves, b. c1688, m. Christopher Ward, Esq.
  2. George Ryves, b. c1690
  3. Mary Ryves, bap. 23 Aug. 1692, m. Sharp.
  4. Thomas Ryves, b. ‎7 Apr 1691
  5. Ann, b. c1696; m. Edward Berkeley
  6. Dorothy
  7. Arundel Ryves, bap. 12 July 1700; m. Anthony Merry, Esq

From Reliques of the Rives:
Thomas Ryves, born in 1664 and was buried at Ewerne Courtney 4 November 1704. Through the death without male issue of his uncle George Ryves of Randleston and the three remaining elder brothers of his father, Thomas Ryves became ulti mately heir of Randleston and Damory Court. He was elected to Winchester College at the age of 1 1 and was admitted in 1676 as "of St. Mathew, Friday Street, London," according to Kirby who erro neously adds that he died at Bombay in 1723, confusing him with his son. He was appointed Comptroller of the Prize Office, and married Ann Cochin, by whom he had: (see above).

In addition, Thomas had inherited the manor of North Cheriton from his uncle George Ryves. The manor was sold after his death by his widow Ann and son George to Dr William Watson in 1711.


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