Ryves, Thomas (ENG 1691 - 1723 IND)


Ryves, Thomas


Father: Thomas Ryves
Mother: Ann Cochin

Birth: 1691 bapt. 7 Apr 1691
Birth Source: Reliques of the Rives

Death: 30 Sep 1723, Bombay
Death Source: Ship's log of Prince Augustus with entries made by William Wells, Chief Mate.

Spouse1: Elizabeth Glynn (Kyffin)


Children of Thomas Ryves and Elizabeth Glynn (Kyffin):
  1. George Ryves, b. c1717
  2. Thomas Ryves, b. 1719
  3. Elizabeth Ryves, b. 1722 m. William Skipton
  4. Susannah Ryves, m. William Girdler

Thomas, who resided at St Andrew's, Holborn, was engaged by the East India Company's Maritime Service. He married Elizabeth Glynn, the widow of William Kyffin, Governor of Fort Anjango (Anchuthengu), East Indies, on 28 Oct 1703 at St.Swithins Church, London Stone, London. It is perhaps noteworthy that William Kyffin had died on board the Duke of York when it was bound for England. Kyffin's will (dated 11th May 1719), or what was left of it as it had been targeted by rats, was transcribed by Thomas Ryves and one wonders whether advantage was taken of the many missing provisions of the will!

Thomas died when serving as Captain of the Prince Augustus on her inaugural voyage to Mocha and India. This voyage had started with the ship sailing from the Down Channell (the Downs Channel) on 26 November 1722 arriving at Bombay on 18 September 1723. The purpose of the stop off at Mocha was to deliver to the Chief and Commitee there, the guns and ordnance rescued from the Nightingale, a 30 gun ship which had been wrecked on Goodwin Sands in 1672.

The ship's log states that Thomas died of a 'violent flux & feavor (sic)' which would be consistent with dysentry. The date of Thomas's death is normally given as having been the 29th September 1723, however the ship's log indicates that he died at 1:00 a.m.on the 30th September. An additional 16 members of the ships crew died on the voyage. The voyage ended with its arrival at Woolwich, England on Friday 16th April 1725.

Thomas's will is dated 29th September 1722.

Reliques notes "He married Elizabeth, relict of William Kyffin, Governor of Anjango, East Indies, who was buried at Ewerne Courtney 4 March 1723."

Research Notes

In respect of Thomas's & Elizabeth's daughter, Susannah, there is a Baptism record for a Susannah Ryves b. 1731 bapt. 08 Sep 1731 at St Mary's, Sturminster Newton with a father's name given as Thomas and Mother's as Elizabeth. However, since Thomas Ryves had died in 1723 this record cannot be for the correct Susannah. No records found to date provide for an alternative parentage or baptism/date of birth.


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