TRP News - 01 September 2019

September 2019

Wiki Stats - End August 2019

The total number of pages in the Wiki (as at 1 September 2019) now stands at 9207 (previously 9084, 8951, 88331) an increase of 123 pages during the month, not quite as many as last month. Of the total, 1758 pages (was 1744, 1709, 1700) begin with a number and are most probably a date related gleaning.     We currently have 3925 wiki pages categorised as "People", of which 3474 begin with the letter "R".

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TRP Users

We ended August 2019 with 397 user accounts registered in TRP, an increase of six. Five users have successfully activated their account during the month. We welcome new community members Richard, Don, Ron and most recently, both on the final day of August Marlana and John_B.   John_B is a member of DNA Group 05.   We look forward to reading their contributions to TRP. Ron,  Marlana and John_B have all created their AboutMe page - well done and thank you. Please remember to check in on your Mentor Team talk page as described in First Steps - Part 3 and don't forget to check back there for feedback.

Whether you joined TRP recently or a while ago, if you have yet to do so, please set a meaningful name for yourself as described in First Steps - Part 1. It isn't difficult and only takes a couple of minutes to do.

If you have already started the enrolment process and are having issues, please do let us know. Please contact New User Admin by sending an email to TRP123 (at) TheReevesProject (dot) org if you're stuck and need help. If you are not yet a member and would like to contribute to our community, please complete our Join Us form to start the membership enrolment process.

DNA Group Pages in TRP Refreshed

Back at the start of July 2019 we noted we were working to refresh all the DNA Group pages within TRP. We started by working back from Group 20 and by the end of June had completed back to Group 07. By the end of July we had completed all of the groups with the exception of our largest group, Group 03. With 38 members it is by far the biggest of our groups and the refresh of its pages was completed in mid August.

Hopefully we've not made any mistakes during this extensive exercise but if you do spot an issue with any of the DNA Group pages, please do let us know via your Mentor Team's page
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