Prince William Co., VA -- 1747 Dettingen ParishTax List

Prince William Co., VA - 1747 Tithables Dettingen Parish

1747 Prince William Co., VA, Tithables List, Dettingen Parish

1747 Prince William Co., VA, Tithables List
Dettingen Parish
Library of Virginia

"A List of Tithables between Seederrun and Boolrun in Ditingin parish in Prince William County for 1747"

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George Reves Sr.
George Reves 2 tithables

William Haggard 1 tithable

John Reves
George Reves 2 tithables

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Owen Owens
Thomas Reeves 2 tithables

Thomas Davis
negro Pompey
Do Siepio
Do Jenny
Thomas Stone overseer 5 tithables

James Bridges (or Bridger)
Isaac Reves 2 tithables

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Ben: Reves 1 tithable

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Thomas Reeves 1 tithable

Joseph Morison
George Reves
Joseph Shurlock 3 tithables

Ruben Reves
Edward Hall 2 tithables

NOTE that many other surnames on this list — Glascock, Elmore, Oldham, Berry, Haynie — suggest that these families originated in Richmond, Northumberland, and Lancaster Counties, along with the Reeves family. Individuals shown as heads of household were aged 21 or older. Those shown as tithables within another household were under 21 and over 16 on tithe day (June 10), indicating births between 10 June 1726 and 10 June 1731.


Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia
(Digital images of the original tithables list were supplied by Lois Downey and transcribed here by Dan Knight.)