Reeves, Samuel (1749 MD - 1801 NC)


Reeves, Samuel


Father: Thomas Reeves
Mother: Mary Murphy

Birth: 4 Apr 1749, Charles County, Maryland
Birth Source: Trinity Parish Records

Death: 1801, Rowan County, North Carolina
Death Source: 1801 Rowan County Will, probated May 1801

Spouse1: Mary (Margaret ?) Watson


Children of Samuel Reeves and Mary Watson:
  1. Thomas Reeves
  2. James Reeves
  3. Mary Reeves? m. Alexander
  4. John C. Reeves
  5. Sarah Reeves, m. Owen Harrison
  6. Samuel Reeves
  7. Bennett Abner Reeves
  8. William Reeves
The 1801 will of Samuel Reeves only identified Thomas, James and Mary Alexander but mentioned other unnamed younger children. Sarah Reeves Harrison, John C., Samuel, Bennett Abner and William Reeves are identified as Samuel's children in the deed records when selling their portions of the property of Samuel Reeves.

Samuel makes mention in his will of $50 dollars that was in his possession which had been a legacy left to his son James by his grandfather James Watson. A James Watson left a 1795 will in St. Mary's County, Maryland and mentioned a daughter Margaret Reeves. Research of that family produced a letter written circa 1896 by an elderly descendant who stated that James Watson's daughter Margaret Reeves had moved to North Carolina but no further information was known. There is no proof that this is the James Watson referred to in Samuel's will and since the daughter named in James Watson's will was recorded as Margaret and Samuel Reeves'will gives his wife's name as Mary, it is unclear whether this is the grandfather of Samuel's son James.

Samuel Reeves is listed in the 1800 census of Rowan County with 3 Males under 10, 2 Males 16-25, 1 Male over 45, 1 Female under 10, 1 Female 10-15, 1 Female 26-44 and 3 Slaves.

From The History of Rowan County, North Carolina:
About the year 1794, a number of Episcopal families removed from Maryland to the western part of Rowan, among them two families of Barbers, and other families by the names of Gardner, Chunn, Harrison, Alexander, Lightell, Mills, Swan, Reeves, Burroughs, etc.

In searching the deed books of Rowan County, the earliest deed recording Samuel Reeves' presence is dated 1795. This would coincide with the death of his mother, Mary Reeves, in Charles County, Maryland in 1793 and his removal to North Carolina after her death. There was another Samuel Reeves listed as a taxpayer in Rowan County circa 1770 and a 1789 grant of 150 acres to a Samuel Reaves whose tract was on the Montgomery County line, otherwise there are no records for a Samuel Reeves from 1770 until around 1795.

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