1730 Bond - Estate of Samuel Reeves

1730 Bond - Estate of Samuel Reeves

Administrators Bond - Estate of Samuel Reeves

Essex County, Virginia
Will Book 4, pg. 386
15 Sep 1730


Know all Men by these presents that Wee (sic) Henry Reeves, John Reeves, George Reeves, Alexander Parker, James Webb, & Thomas Burk are held and firmly bound unto William Daingerfield, Robert Brooke, James Garnett, & Rich.d Smith Gent Justices of the County of Essex in the Sum of five hundred pounds Sterling which paym.t Well and truly to be made We bind our Selves our heirs Exec.rs & Adm.rs Joyntly & Severally to the Sd. Justices their heirs & Successors firmly by these presents Witness our hands & Seals this 15th day of Sept.r 1730 ~

THE CONDITION of the obligation is Such that if the above bound Henry, John, George Adm.rs of all the goods, Chattels, & Credits of Samuel Reeves dec.d do make or Cause to be made a true & perfect Inventory of all and Singular the goods Chattels, & Credits of the Sd. dec.d which have or Shall Come to the hands possion (sic possession) or knowledge of the sd. Henry, John, & George or into the hands & Possession of any other person or persons for them & the Same to make do exhibit or Cause to be exhibited into the County Court of Essex at Such time as they Shall be thereunto required by the Sd. Court and the Same goods, Chattels, & Credits and all other the goods Chattels & Credits of the Sd. dec.d at the time of his death or which at any time after Shall Come to the hands or possion (sic possession) of the Sd. Henry, John, & George or into the hands & possion (sic) of any other person , or persons for them do well & truly Adm.r according to Law and further do make a true & just Account of their Actings and doings therein when thereunto required by the Court & all the reset & residue of the sd. goods Chattels & Credits which Shall be found remaining upon the sd. Adm.rs Account the Same being first examined & allowed of by the Justices of the Court for the time being Shall deliver and pay unto Such person or persons respectively as the sd. Justices by their Order or Judgment Shall direct pursuant to the laws in that Case made & provided & if it shall hereafter appear that any last will & Testament was made by the sd. dec.d and the Executor or Ex.rs therein named do exhibit the same into the sd. Court making request to have it allowed and approved Accordingly if the sd. Henry & John & George being thereunto required do render and deliver up their lres (?) of Admon approbation of Such Testament being first and made in the sd. Court Then this obligation to be Void and of None Effect otherwise to remain in full force power & Virtue ~
Signed, Sealed, & delivered                                              Henry Reeves (loc: Sigilli)
In presence of                                                                     John Reeves (loc: Sigilli)
                                                                                               George Reeves (loc: Sigilli)
                                                                                               Alexand.r Parker (loc: Sigilli)
                                                                                               James Webb (loc: Sigilli)
                                                                                               Thomas Burk (loc: Sigilli)
At a Court held for Essex County on the 15th day of Sept.r 1730
Henry Reeves, John Reeves, George Reeves Alex.r Parker James Webb & Thomas Burk acknowledged this bond to be their Act & deed which is admitted to record ~
                                          Test       W Beverley CC


Essex County VA Will Book 4, pg. 386, scanned original images online at Family Search

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