Sidney King Reaves Family Bible

Sidney King Reaves Family Bible (1874)

Sidney King Reaves Family Bible


From Local TN History book:
REAVES - Bible of Sidney King Reaves published in 1874. Present owner Rufus Reaves Paine, Athens, Georgia. Copy furnished by Mrs. H. N. Harrison, Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee.


Sidney King Reaves and Sarah Caroline Nicholson were married on the 25th of July 1829.
John William Reaves and Margie Durham were married December 2, 1858.
Edward Augusta Reaves and Lou A. Welch were married January 5, 1860.
James Henry Reaves and Ophelia Elder were married July 12, 1860.
George Washington Reaves and Susan Buffington were married August 27, 1863.
S. Y. Allen and Mary Jane Reaves were married February 20, 1865.
Rufus King Reaves and Anna E. Powell were married on November 18, 1869.
L. J. Green and Martha Elizabeth Reaves were married January 28, 1869.
E. F. Dupree and Biddie Ophelia Reaves were married June 2, 1875.
J. (I)? F. Gwyn and Sarah Caroline Reaves were married November 17, 1875.

Sidney King Reaves was born December 5, 1806.
Sarah Caroline Reaves was born April 9, 1810.
Charles Alfred Reaves was born May 2, 1830.
George Washington Reaves was born January 1, 1832.
John William Reaves was born February 5, 1834.
Edward Augustus Reaves was born December 27, 1833.
Rufus King Reaves was born September 1, 1838.
James Henry Reaves was born January 5, 1841.
Mary Jane Reaves was born August 24, 1843.
Charles Sidney Reaves was born April 11, 1846.
Martha Elizabeth Reaves was born November 22, 1847.
Sarah Carolina Reaves was born June 9, 1850.
Biddie Ophelia Reaves was born March 15, 1852.
[Several more recent entries omitted]