Reeves DNA Project Update - June 2016

DNA Project News - 2016 June - DNA Group 18

Reeves Y-DNA Project Updates - June 2016

Over the weekend of 18/9 June Barry Reeves, the Reeves DNA Project Coordinator, made a number of updates within the Family Tree DNA website. In summary these included:-

Since mid March 2016, three new Y-DNA kits have been added to the Y-DNA Project at the FT DNA website.
        251599         -        new and unmatched (Group 0)
        275491         -        new and matches Group 10
        361438         -        new and unmatched (Group 0)

A new Group 6A has been created comprising the following kits
        33172, 33674, 76511, 90815, 121975, 194709
All six of these kits were previously part of Group 6. This change recognises the work Bev had previously done and is shown at DNA_Group_06A

A new Group 18 has been created comprising kits
        153281 & 165388

New group assignments since the last major announcement of changes are
        Kit 214945 has been assigned to Group 3
        Kits 350446, 376183 have been assigned to Group 10

Kits 234283, 249428, 258637, 279088, 285382, 293716, 338713, 364732, 419746 are currently unmatched (Group 0)

There has also been some resynchronisation of the results previously reported on Rootsweb, but which had not been reflected at FT DNA
        Kits 320928, 329370 now reflect membership of Group 3
        Kit 242827 now reflects membership of Group 5
        Kits 318694, 348038, B11456 now reflect membership of Group 8
        Kits 322887, 330800, 344669, N51874 now reflect membership of Group 10
        Kits 183767, 332332 now reflect membership of Group 17

It is important to note that these updates have only been made to the DNA Results page within the Family Tree DNA website at https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/reeves/dna-results.
NB   You do not need an account with Family Tree DNA to access the activity feed or the results pages.

These recent changes have NOT been reflected on the results page at the Rootsweb servers http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~reevesdna/results.htm. Because of the challenges of keeping the data synchronised, Barry is reviewing the future of the Reeves DNA Project pages at Rootsweb.
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