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Errors of The Reeves Review II

William Reeves

Page 17, ID #93
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Lineage is incorrect as established by DNA, i.e. (James, William, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert).

William Reeves who died in 1821 in Madison County, Kentucky was not the son of James Reeves of Guilford County, North Carolina. William Reeves, the son of James Reeves, was incorrectly identified as the son of Malachi and Fortune Reeves on Page 17 ID 212.vi.

William Reeves of Madison County, Kentucky is repeatedly recorded in the records of Wake County, North Carolina from that county's inception until after 1803 when he migrated to Kentucky. See Wake County records regarding William Reeves. Various deeds identifying him as William Reeves, Jr. from circa 1762 which also refer to William Reeves, Sr. document the identify of his father.

Descendants of William Reeves are placed in DNA Group 6 of the Reeves DNA Project, while descendants of James Reeves and his father William Reeves of Granville, North Carolina have been identified with DNA Group 3.

He also DID NOT have wives Fortune Rhodes and Milly as listed in the Reeves Review. The only record of his spouse is in the minutes of the Wake County Court from September 1791 identifying her as Any or Anne. The wives Fortune Rhodes and Milly were incorrectly attributed to this William Reeves based upon his false identification as the son of James Reeves of Guilford County.

The only individual in Guilford County named Fortune Rhodes was Fortune, the widow of Malachi Reeves who married John Rhodes in 1788. The incorrect identification of a wife Milly for William Reeves is a result of a deed dated 22 Nov 1791, wherein William and his mother Millicent sold 320 acres to Samuel Mileham. The deed noted that this was the plantation conveyed by James Reeves' Will unto his Son & wife "the said William Reeves & Milley Reeves". Hannah Reeves, wife of William, relinguished her dower rights. For more detail, see commentary on the errors of Page 12, ID #93.

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