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Errors of The Reeves Review II

Thomas Reeves

Page 34, ID 213
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Lineage is incorrect as established by historical records (Malachi, William, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert).

Thomas Reeves, listed on Page 34, ID #213 as the son of Malachi Reeves, was the son of Bennett Reeves formerly of Charles County, Maryland who migrated to Wilkes County, Georgia circa 1795.

Thomas Reeves who married Barthenia Stinson in Wilkes County, Georgia is documented as having been born in Maryland in the 1880 census for three of his children who lived until that census, Hickerson Reeves, Thomas Reeves and Caroline Reeves Yeager, each gave information that their father was born in Maryland. DNA of a descendant of Bennett F. Reeves' son of John D. Reeves of Wilkes County GA is a match to a descendant of Thomas Reeves of Charles County, Maryland is documented as the father of Bennett Reeves born 1766 who migrated to Wilkes County.

Thomas Reeves moved on to Morgan County, Alabama by the time the 1830 census was taken and was deceased before the 1840 census when Bethania was listed as the head of household. Bethania continued to live in Morgan County until sometime between 1860 and 1870 when she was no longer listed in census records.

The probate records of Morgan County, Alabama need to be thoroughly researched to document the children of Thomas Reeves rather than just making assumptions as to their identity based upon proximity due to their residence in Morgan County.

An 1816 Guilford County deed by Thomas Reeves (grandson of Malachi and Fortune Reeves) to Leven Covey, indicates that as late as 1816, that particular Thomas Reeves was still living in the same area on Mairs Fork in Guilford County, not Wilkes County, Georgia. This was probably the tract of land willed to him by his grandfather Richard Burton in his 1799 will.

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