Reeve, John (c1596 - c1662 ESS)


Reeve, John


Father: John Reeve
Mother: Mary Brock

Birth: c1596
Birth Source: Baptism

Death: Feb 1659, Bocking
Death Source: Court Case & Burial

Spouse1: Abigail


Children of John Reeve and Abigail:
  1. John Reeve
  2. Jeremy Reeve, maybe Jeremy Reeve

John, son of John Reeve and Mary Brock was baptized 25 May 1596 at Gosfield, Essex.

From the Bocking, Essex Parish Regsiter:
  • Abygall the wyff of John Reve was buried ye 9 of January 1658 (1659)
  • John Reve the elder was buried the 12 day of February 1658 (1659)

In his will, dated 5 Jan 1658/9 and probated 20 Mar 1661/2, he refers to himself as John Reeve of Bocking, yeoman. In it he names:
  • wife Abigaile
  • grandson John Reeve, son of my son John Reeve deceased
  • Jeremy Reeve my son
  • Jeremy Reeve son of my deceased son John Reeve
  • grandson James Reeve, son of my son John Reeve, deceased
  • Jeremy Reeve my brother
  • grandsons William, Joseph, and Jonathan Reeve, sons of my son John Reeve, deceased
  • grandson John, son of my son Jeremy Reeve
  • Jeremy Reeve son of Jeremy Reeve my son
  • Sara, Abigail, Mary, and Jane Reeve, daughters of my son Jeremy
  • my brother Porter and my cousin John Fitch

John refers in his will to land in Bocking, the "messuage lands & prmisses before in these prsents expressed to surrender into the hands of the Lord of the manner of Stamborne Hall accordinge to the custome of the said manner all those customary messuages lands tenemts & hereditaments whatsoever wth the apptnces beinge in Stamborne aforesaid whereof John Reeve my eldest sonne was seized att the tyme of the death." He also mentions land in Gosfield he purchased of Henry White & John Humphrey. He also refers to land he bought from his brother Jeremy in Gosfield, Bocking & Halstead. He also owned land in Stambourne & Redgwell. Some of this land in Redgwell and Stambourne he describes "wch I late purchased to me & my heires of Henry Bigg & John Bigg." This appears to be a the land from a 1630 deed in which Henry Bigg, yeoman of Ridgewell, and John Bigg sold "Dovehouse Croft" containing eight acres and Park field containing 22 acres Ridgewell and Stambourne to John Reeve of Bocking, yeoman.

In a court case dated 15 Nov 1659, John's son Jeremy complained against John the son of the deceased son John (grandson of this John) that he was attempting to overthrow the will of this John (dated 5 Jan 1658/9). John denied that this was his aim. This shows that John died Jan-Nov in 1659. We can therefore identity this John as the one buried at Bocking on 12 Feb 1658/9. But the will wasn't probated until 1662.

Research Notes


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