Reeves, Anna MNU (1775 SC - 1860 SC)


Reeves, Anna MNU


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Birth: 1775, South Carolina
Birth Source: 1850 Census of Lancaster SC

Death: Jan. 1860, Lancaster County, South Carolina
Death Source: 1860 South Carolina Mortality Schedule

Spouse1: probably Presley Reeves


Probable Children of Presley Reeves and Anna:
  1. Son, born c. 1800, at home in 1800. Possibly John Reeves, age 30-39 living in Lancaster County listed in the 1830 census who appears to have died before 1840 for there are no further records for him in Lancaster County.
  2. Son, born c. 1802, unmarried in 1820.
  3. Margarett Reeves, b. c1804, at home in 1820 and 1830. Margaret Reeves, born c1803, unmarried in 1850 was living in the home with Anna. She died after 1880 in Shelby Co., AL.
  4. Daughter, born c. 1806, at home in 1820 and 1830. This daughter was apparently Emily Reeves, born c. 1807, SC or TN.
  5. Daughter, born c. 1808, at home in 1820.
  6. Son, born c. 1810, unmarried in 1830. This child was probably Presley Reeves, Jr., head of household in 1840 and 1850 when he is recorded in the next residence to widowed Anna Reeves.
  7. Son, born c. 1812, unmarried in 1830 and at home in 1840. This child was apparently William Reeves, age 32, a head of household in 1850.
  8. Daughter, born c. 1814, unmarried in 1830. This daughter was apparently Frances Reeves, born c. 1813, TN.
  9. Milly Reeves, b. c1816, unmarried in 1830. Milly Reeves, age 34, shown at home with Anna in 1850 and with living Margaret in 1860. She died after 1870 in Shelby County, Alabama.

1850 Lancaster Co., SC, Census, HH 875/875: Anna Reaves, 75, $300, SC; Margarett, 47, F, SC; M., 34, F, SC.

On 21 August 1852, an Anna Reeves, possibly this one, gave testimony in support of William Clanton's claim to a Revolutionary War Pension, saying her father and Mr. Clanton were neighbors in Kershaw District and they they were acquainted for her earliest recollection. It stated she was 76 years old at the time, which fits with this Anna Reeves.

1860 South Carolina Mortality Schedule, Lancaster County: Anna Reaves, 85, Widow, SC, died January 1860, Liver Complaint, Occupation Knitting, Sick 14 days. (Note that another almost identical entry for Anna appears nine lines underneath the first, this one indicating that she died of typhoid fever.)


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