Reeves, George (c1760 VA - 1817 TN)

George Reeves

Reeves, George


Father: probably Frederick Rives
Mother: probably Mary Magdalene Stegall

Birth: c1760, Virginia
Birth Source: Estimated from ages of children

Death: before March 1817, Wilson County, Tennessee
Death Source: Will proved March Court 1817

Spouse1: Mary MNU (Patrick Co VA DB3:427)


In 1778, George Reeves "of Henry County" sold some land in Amherst County to Henry Hartless of Amherst County. It's unknown how he came to acquire this land, but this would appear to be the earliest record of any George Reeves im Henry County.

On 28 Oct 1784 in Henry County, Virginia Court, George Reeves and William Mullings, entered into bond as securities for the executors of the estate of William Standley. William Hunter, John Turner, William Turner and John Hunter or any three of them were appointed to appraise the estate.

From 1782 through 1786, a George Reeves who appears to be this individual, was recorded on the tax lists of Henry County, Virginia. In some of those years Frederick Reeves and his son Burwell Reeves were also listed as tax payers in Henry County. This George Reeves is very likely Frederick's son George whose adult life is unknown.

George Reaves signed "A poll taken of a section of Delegates at Henry County Courthouse this 9th of April 1787 for Abraham Penn, Esq." (Henry Co VA DB1:530)

In the Patrick County Deed Book I, 1791-1801, George Reaves is listed in deeds associated with Smith River USGS Woolwine, Charity & Philpott Lake.

In a 1799 deed registered in Henry County, George Reeves of Patrick County sold some land in Henry County to John Phillips. George mentions his wife Mary in the deed although she was not a grantor.

A George Reaves is first found on the personal tax lists of Patrick County in 1792 and again in 1793 with 2 white male tithes and 3 horses. In 1794 he is only listed with 1 white male tithe and the 3 horses. The personal tax listings of 1795 record George Reaves once again with 2 white tithes and the 3 horses as well as a William Reaves with only 1 tithe who may have been the the white tithe listed with George in the 1792 and 1793 lists. In 1798 George's list is reduced to only 1 white tithe with 4 horses and Thomas, presumably his son, is listed individually as an adult. They continue to both be listed in the Patrick County tax lists and in 1800 George again has 2 white tithes. In 1804 Josiah joined George and Thomas Reaves on the tax list. Thomas and Josiah are listed along with George Reaves whose tithes have increased again to 2 in 1805. 1806 lists show that George, Thomas and Josiah are joined by John Reaves. The tax list for 1807 again lists George, Thomas, Josiah and John in Patrick County. The listing for 1809 shows these same 4 Reaves individuals and again George has 2 tithes and now Thomas does as well. 1810 lists George Reaves with only 1 tithe, Thomas, Josiah and Charles, but John is no longer listed. In 1811 the only Reaves listed in the county are Thomas, Charles and Josiah. By 1813 and 1814, only Thomas and Josiah remain in Patrick County. This is believed to be the same George Reaves who was on the tax list for 507 acres in Patrick County from 1795 to 1799. On the 1810 Tax List of Patrick County, Virginia, he was listed along with Charles, Josiah and Thomas Reeves whose relationships are unknown.

Over the period 1801 until around 1816 (Deed Books 1-4), there are numerous deeds between George Reeves, Thomas Reeves, John Reeves, Josiah Reeves and James Turner, husband of Ann Reeves. Charles Reeves who appears to be the youngest son is not a party in any of the deeds, but he is a witness to several involving other family members. In these deeds there is no language to prove a family connection but there are numerous transactions between these individuals who appear to be the only Reeves living in Patrick County at that time.

George Reeves' will refers to Jeremiah as his "youngest" son so there were other currently unknown children.

Children of George Reeves named in his 1817 will or as his children in marriage records:
  1. Anny Reeves, b. c1776, m. James Turner on 27 Dec 1796, Patrick County, VA
  2. Lucy Reeves, b. c1780, m. William Witt on 24 Feb 1799, Patrick County, VA
  3. Jane Reeves, b. c1793, m. James Williams on 12 Dec 1813, Patrick County, VA
  4. Jeremiah Turner Reeves, b. 1794
  5. Susanah Reeves
Other probable children of George Reeves and Mary:
  1. Thomas Reeves, b. c1780, m. Elizabeth "Betsy" McCutchen, daughter of James McCutchen on April 4, 1805, Patrick County, Virginia by Min. Robert Jones, M.R.
  2. Josiah Reeves, b. c1782, m. Constandestion Brown on 21 Nov 1806 in Patrick County, Virginia, Min. Lewis Foster
  3. John Reeves b. c1786, m. Hannah Perigo, 27 Oct 1807 in Patrick County, Virginia, sur. Lewis Hancock. Min. Lewis Foster, M.R.
  4. Polly Reeves, b. c1790, m1 Nicholas Thomas on 14 Mar 1808 in Patrick County, Virginia³; m2 John F. McDaniel on 13 Jun 1816 in Wilson County, TN
  5. Charles Reeves, b. c1792, m. Elizabeth Lackey daughter of George Lackey, on 16 Oct 1816 in Patrick County, Virginia, Sur. Thomas Reeves
Much more research of the records of Patrick County is needed to positively establish the family connections between George Reeves and these male children.

James and Ann Reeves Turner also migrated to Wilson County, Tennessee at the same time that George Reeves did.

George shows up on the 1805 Wilson County Tax list in Captain Fanviel's Militia District. James "Qualls" (Quarles), the husband of Elizabeth Rives daughter of Frederick Reeves was also listed that year in the same district.

Burwell Reeves, also of early Wilson County, Tennessee, may be a relative since he was named along with Jeremiah in the 1823 estate of George's daughter Susanah. There is no indication of the exact family relationship and his name never appears in the Patrick County, Virginia records so it is doubtful that he was a child of George Reeves.

Although George Reeves is not specifically named as Polly's father in her 1808 marriage record in Patrick County, after Nicholas Thomas' death, she was living in Wilson County close to George and other family members by 1816 when she married John F. McDaniel there on June 13th.


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