Reeves, Israel (c1747 HAM - 1828 HAM)

Reeves, Israel

Reeves, Israel


Father: unknown
Mother: unknown

Birth: c 1747 probably in the New Forest area of Hampshire
Birth Source: age 81 at burial

Death: burial 19 September 1828 at Fawley, Hampshire
Death Source: Parish Register

Spouse1: Elizabeth MARTIN
Spouse2: Jane BROWN


No details are currently known of Israel's early life.

On 16 June 1775 he married Elizabeth MARTIN at the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Eling, Hampshire.
The known children of Israel Reeves and his wife Elizabeth (nee Martin) are
  1. Reeves, Elizabeth, bapt. 1780 at Fawley
  2. Reeves, John, bapt. 1782 at Fawley
  3. Reeves, Charles, bapt. 1784 at Fawley
  4. Reeves, James, bapt. 1787 at Fawley
  5. Reeves, Mary, bapt. 1789 at Fawley
  6. Reeves, Samuel, bapt 1796 at Fawley
and it is probable they had at least three further (older) children
  1. Reeves, William, bapt 1775 at Eling (only father's given name) (a William is mentioned in his Israel's will)
  2. Reeves, Israel, bapt 1777, Eling (again only father's given name)
  3. Reeves, Jane, perhaps bapt c1778/9.
In 1782, when a Settlement Certificate was issued to Israel, it notes he had four children, with John being the youngest at that time.
In 1789, when a Settlement Certificate was issued to Israel, it notes he had seven children, with Mary being the youngest at that time.

His wife Elizabeth died in 1797, leaving Israel with a young family, Samuel having been baptised in Aug 1796 at Fawley.

At the Parish Church of St Michaels in Southampton, Israel described as a "Widower of Fawley" married Jane BROWN on 8 December 1805.

Israel was buried at the parish Church of All Saints, Fawley, Hampshire on 19 September 1828, aged 81, when described as 'of Dibden'. It appears his second wife Jane died soon after him as Jane Reeves was buried at the same church on 17 Dec 1828, aged 67, when she too was described as 'of Dibden'.

Following his death the following advert appeared noting the sale of 14 acres of freehold land in Dibden:

Salisbury & Winchester Journal, 25 May 1829.
DESIRABLE FREEHOLD LAND AT DIBDEN, On the Banks of Southampton Water, presenting an eligible Scite for a Gentleman's Residence. TO BE SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. ETHERIDGE, at the Rodney Arms Inn, at Hvthe, on Friday, the 5th day of June 1829, at six o'clock in the evening, in one Lot, (subject to conditions to be then and there produced),— About 14 Acres of FREEHOLD LAND, with Cottage, Barn, and Out-buildings, situate at Dibden, about one mile from Hythe, and late the property of Mr. Israel Reeves, deceased. The Land is in excellent condition, and now in the occupation of Mr. William Wyatt, who is desirous of continuing the tenancy thereof, but is under notice to quit at Michaelmas next. The Property is peculiarly deserving the attention of any Gentleman desirous of erecting a Residence near Southampton Water, and may he viewed on application to the tenant on the Premises. Printed particulars with the conditions of sale, may he obtained 14 days prior to the Sale, at the Star and Crown Inns, Southampton; Marine Hotel, Cowes; of the Auctioneer at Hythe; or at the Office of Mr. Wm. Royle, solicitor, Lymington, where a plan of the Estate may be seen.
From the Dibden Land Tax Assesments (see sources) we know that Israel Reeves had two parcels of freehold land. The return dated the 12 June 1828 notes him as owner of 'Land' paying 6s, and of 'Pink's Meadow' paying 8s. Taking into a revaluation in the mid-1820s the properties can be traced back. For 'Pink's Meadow' it was in the possession of Israel at the time of the return of 14 May 1818 when called just 'meadow' paying 9s 5d (on the return of 17 May 1817 it was in the possession of Eliza Pinnick). For 'Land' it was in the possession of Israel at the time of the return of 1821 when unnamed paying 6s 10d (on the return of June 1820 it was in the possession of Sir Charles Mill and occupation of Richard Gandy). The same source also lists his other holdings (more on which later - RPR).

Israel also leased land of Dibden Manor. The following is from a schedule of 'Land belonging to Dibden manor at the time of the sale. Sold by auction at the Dolphins Inn, Southampton, Wednesday 21st July 1813.' It includes reference to the following:

Brick-Kiln, with Brick-Kiln ground and cottage (3a 0r 20p) let to Israel Reeves for 10 or 15 years from Michaelmas 1806 (rent £6 and 1s 6d per 1000 for all bricks and tiles made).

Cowdry Lane (0a 2r 23p) & Marsh Allotment (16a 3r 37p) held by lease by Israel Reeves for 10 or 15 years from 11th Oct 1806.

Hill Close and Adams (4a 2r 12p) let for 10 or 14 years from Michaelmas 1807 (rent £7 15s).

Another 59a 3r 4p of land (detailed; identified as Petty's Farm, later Hollybank, on Mullins Lane, Dibden, Hants) let for 10 or 14 years from Michaelmas 1807 (rent £72 5s, 'but now worth much more').


Baptism:     .
Marriage1: Parish Register, Eling Parish Church per HGS Marriage Index 1754-1837
Marriage2: Parish Register, St Michaels, Southampton per HGS Marriage Index 1754-1837
Burial:         .

1782 Settlement Certificate
1789 Settlement Certificate
Will of Israel Reeves, proved 1828
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