Reeves, John (c1750 PA - c1808KY)


Reeves, John


Father: Azeriah Reeves
Mother: Unknown

Birth: c1750, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Birth Source:

Death: about 1808, Mason County, Kentucky
Death Source:

Spouse1: Rebecca Gaskill Huber, m. 29 Sep 1770 in Burlington, New Jersey


Children of John Reeves and Rebecca Gaskill:
  1. Elizabeth Reeves, m. George Dicks
  2. John Reeves
  3. Rebecca Reeves
  4. Samuel Reeves
  5. Stacy Reeves
  6. Caleb Reeves
The marriage record of John Reeves and Rebecca Huber is recorded in Burlington, New Jersey; however, according to Gaskill family records, Rebecca Gaskill, daughter of Josiah Gaskill and Amy Shreve, was first married on 3 Jan 1763 to Timothy Herbert (source - Quaker records).

According to these Gaskill records, Rebecca Gaskill married John Reeves son of Azeriah Reeves, a half brother to John Budd who was the husband of Mary Shreve Budd, sister of Amy Shreve Gaskill.

The will of John Budd of Burlington County, New Jersey, written and probated in 1785, mentions "Lydia Gaskill, wife of Moses Gaskill, and my niece." It later mentions "John Reeves, who is the son of my half brother, Azeriah Reeves."


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