Reeves, William (c1794 SC - c1857 GA)

William Reeves

Reeves, William


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Hannah Rhodes

Birth: Abt. 1794, South Carolina
Birth Source: Estimate from 1820 Census and 1850 Pike County, Georgia, Census

Death: 1855-1860, Pike County, Georgia
Death Source: 1860 Pike County, Georgia, Census

Spouse1: Polly Hensey, m. 23 Dec 1815 in Wilkes County, Georgia
Spouse2: Paulina Hamil, m. 5 May 1830 in Monroe County, Georgia


On 12 August 1820, William Reeves conveyed to his brother-in-law Robert Graham his own "share as a legatee of William Reeves, deceased, now in hands of my mother.” John Dyson, Henry Slaughter, and Thomas E. Combs signed this deed, recorded in Wilkes County, Georgia, Deed Book III, p. 290. He may have been the William Reeves enumerated with one young son under age 10 in the 1820 Wilkes County, Georgia, census.

William Reeves moved between 1820 and 1830 to Pike County, Georgia, where he was made guardian of his minor children following the deaths of their grandparents, Richard and Mary Hensey (also spelled Hinsey and Hingson) of Upson and Pike Counties, Georgia. Upson Co., GA, Administration and Guardians Bonds, 1829-1876, p. 16, shows that on 2 November 1829 William Reaves (with Thomas Roberts and James Barrow as security) was named guardian of his children William S., Richard W., and Simeon, "grand children of Richard Hingson, deceased." He is likely the William Reeves who was taxed in GMD 588, Upson Co., GA, in 1830; he was shown near Robert Graham, his brother-in-law, and taxed with land in Monroe County.

During the 1830s, William lived for a time in Harris County, Georgia, where one of his sons by his first marriage married and remained. On 30 January 1837, James G. Davis of Harris County was made guardian of Cyrene, Richard, and William Reeves, children of William and Polly Reeves.

William was back in Pike County in 1850, where he was enumerated in the census. He was deceased by the time of the 1860 census.

Paulina Reeves was enumerated in Pike Co., GA, HH 179/179, in 1860. She was keeping house and owned property valued at $1,000/$481. Son Hugh also owned property valued at $270.

As "Pelina" Reeves, Paulina appeared as head of household in Pike Co., GA, in 1870. She was shown as age 58, Keeping House, GA, with property valued at $700/$400. Shown in her household were Roda, 23; Jefferson, 21; and Marion, 16. Jefferson was a farm laborer. Marion was a student.

William's widow, Paulina Hamil Reeves, lived on until 1885, when her will was written on 17 March and proved on 20 August (Pike Co., GA, Will Book D, pp. 110-111).

Children of William Reeves and Polly Hensey:
  1. William Smith Reeves, b. c. 1819, GA.
  2. Richard Washington Reeves, b. c. 1820, GA.
  3. Serena Reeves, b. c. 1822, GA.

Children of William Reeves and Paulina Hamil
  1. Jonathan N. Reeves, b. 11 April 1830, GA.
  2. Cynthia A. Reeves, b. 1835,GA.
  3. Sarah A. Reeves, b. c. 1835, GA.
  4. Asa Jackson Reeves, b. 22 April 1837, GA.
  5. Hugh Henry Reeves, b. April 1838, GA.
  6. James S. T. Reeves, b. c. 1841, GA.
  7. Simeon Reeves, b. c. 1843, GA.
  8. Rhoda Reeves, b. 5 April 1844, GA.
  9. John B. Reeves, b. c. 1845.
  10. Jones C. Reeves, b. c. 1848. He was living at home in 1860.
  11. Jefferson Westmoreland Reeves, b. c. 1849.
  12. David F. Reeves, b. c1853 c1851, GA.
  13. Marion Mann Reeves, b. 1854 4 Jul 1852, GA.

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