Rives, Peter (c1780 - 1811 TN)

Rives, Peter

Rives, Peter


Father: John Rives
Mother: Amy Carter

Birth: c1780, probably Virginia
Birth Source:

Death: Aug 1811, Williamson County, Tennessee
Death Source: Reliques

Spouse1: Sarah Grammar


Children of Peter Rives and Sarah Grammar:
  1. Frances Rives, b. c1808, m. William Wiles
  2. Harreit Rives, b. 22 May 1810, m. Richard Carter Owen
  3. Peter Franklin Rives, b. 10 Mar 1812

Peter Rives bought 122 acres of land in Williamson County on a west branch of Mill Creek in 1808 and was taxed for it in 1809, 1810, and 1811. He then sold the land in 1811 for $115 more.

From Reliques of the Rives:
Peter Rives was born about 1780, evidently in Prince George county, Virginia, and accompanied his brothers, Robert Carter and Edmund Harris Rives, to Tennessee about 1798. On May 5, 1802 (TRP Note: This was actually the date of recording), “Peter Reaves" purchased from Benjamin Owen in Davidson county, Tennessee, 50 acres of land on the west fork of Mill Creek, which he conveyed in the same year (TRP Note: Actually the next year) as “Peter Rives” to Jesse Pate. Upon the death of Benjamin Owen in 1805, Peter Rives and Robert Carter Rives were among the purchasers of certain of his personal estate. Peter Rives made his home near Franklin in Williamson county, Tennessee, and suffered a sun-stroke in one of the fields of his plantation in August, 1811, from which he died. James Owen was appointed the administrator of his estate in Williamson county on April 16, 1812, of which a settlement was not affected until 1822. He married Sarah Grammar, of the well—known family of that name, of Petersburg, Virginia, who was probably the only child by the first marriage in 1784 of John Grammar (son of William Grammar), to a Miss Timberlake? Following the death of her husband, Mrs. Rives returned to her old home in Petersburg, Virginia, for an extended visit, leaving her children in the care of her brother-in-law, Edmund Owen, who later adopted and reared them. Mrs. Rives later returned to Tennessee where she married, 2nd, April 22, 1828, Mathew Tennyson. After his death she made her home with one of her daughters at Eagleville, Tenn.


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