TRP News - 01 October 2022

October 2022

Wiki Stats - End September 2022

The total number of pages in the Wiki (as at 1 October 2022) now stands at 12527 (previously 12453, 12368, 12328), an increase of 74 pages during the month. Of the total, 2519 pages (was 2498, 2468, 2463) begin with a number and are most probably a date related gleaning.     We currently have 5650 wiki pages categorised as "People", of which 5127 begin with the letter "R".

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TRP Users

During September we received five new enquiries about membership of TRP. We ended the month with 515 user accounts registered in TRP, an increase of 4 over the month.   We had two users successfully activated their account during the past month. We welcome Michael and Cameron to our community and look forward to reading their contributions to TRP.

If you are having issues activating your account or have simply lost interest, please do let us know. Please contact New User Admin by sending an email to TRP123 (at) TheReevesProject (dot) org if you're stuck and need help or have subsequently decided you don't want to join our community. If you are not yet a member and would like to contribute to our community, please see our About Us page to find out a little more about TRP and then please complete our Join Us form to start the membership enrolment process.

Whether you joined TRP recently or a while ago, if you have yet to do so, please set a meaningful name for yourself as described in First Steps - Part 1. It isn't difficult and only takes a couple of minutes to do. If it helps, think of it as a (small) name label badge; so your first name plus the surname by which you are presently known (or at least the surname initial) would generally be a good choice. You'll find links to the remainder of the our six part First Steps as part of the FAQ - First Steps.

Software Upgrade - Work in Progress

Testing of the current wiki software on an upgraded version of the underlying operating system has continued quietly during the month, with nothing of significance to report.

Just a reminder, for our testing we use a copy of the live wiki to make sure that, as far as we are able, everything works as we expect. That copy includes all of the "watches" individual users may have set on specific wiki pages. So if our testing changes the cloned copy of one of the pages you've set a watch on, you will get an e-mail telling you the page has been changed. If you get a watch notification from e-mail address "T.Notifier", please disregard it, that will be us testing.

DNA Group 20 Update

At the very end of last month we announced that Roberta Johnson Killeen has kindly agreed to become TRP's coordinator for DNA Group 20. Roberta has been diligently working with the various members of Group 20 for a number of months and she has posted during September a very detailed analysis of progress so far on the Group's News Page. Even if you're not a member of this DNA Group, its well worth reading and we hope it will inspire others.


On 20th September we saw the total number of pages in our wiki increase beyond 12,500 and a day later on the 21st we served up our twenty millionth web page. The information we each contribute here does get noticed.

Reeves DNA Project Update

Like the previous quarter, the past quarter has been relatively quiet with just four new members joining the Reeves DNA Project at FtDNA and the total current membership is now 413.

In July we welcomed Mark to the Reeves DNA Project and during August Daniel joined us. When I started to draft this quarterly summary, we'd seen no activity in the first 27 days of September, but since then we're please to welcome two new members, Alvin and Kyle.
Through the past quarter we've received the results for four new Y-DNA members, with one additional set of results for an existing member who opted to take a Y-DNA test.
    Kit 979495 for MR                           presently ungrouped
    Kit 981236 for Robert Reeve                 presently ungrouped
    Kit 982452 for KR                           presently ungrouped
    Kit 985834 for Alvin Reeves                 DNA Group 10
    Kit B683592 for GR                          presently ungrouped  
We are grateful to Alvin and Robert who have kindly completed our DNA Donor Permission e-mail. We would encourage all new Y-DNA donors or their representatives to make contact and allow us to identify them within TRP.

While we will automatically move Y-DNA matched results to the appropriate Project Group, we do not move unmatched results to DNA Group XX without explicit confirmation from the donor or their representative. If we can keep the ungrouped pool free of results we know should never expect a Reeves Y-DNA match then it makes life much easier for both the admins and those project members hoping to find a Reeves Y-DNA match. Please take a minute to read DNA Group XX's home page within TRP for information on how to provide consent. All it takes is a simple pro-forma e-mail as described on the Home page.

During the past quarter we've seen one notifications for new Family Finder results (from a new at-DNA Donor) and no notification of the results from a new mt-DNA donor.

If you missed last quarter's summary the DNA Project Update for 2q2022 is available here.

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