Reavis, Harris (1754 NC - 1838 IL)


Reavis, Harris


Father: Thomas Reavis
Mother: Ann MNU

Birth: Dec 1754, Northampton County, North Carolina
Birth Source: Revolutionary War Pension Application S32472

Death: 29 May 1838, Fayette County, Illinois
Death Source: Montgomery County Illinois Cemetery Index, burial in Wright Cemetery, Estate probated in Fayette County IL

Spouse1: unknown


Children of Harris Reavis and unknown wife:
  1. Mary Reavis, m. Isham Reavis on 20 Feb 1805 in Warren County, Kentucky
  2. Sarah Angeline Reavis, m. Joseph Wright on 4 Apr 1808 in Warren KY
  3. Noah Reavis, m. Lany Willoby on 15 Nov 1813 in Warren KY
  4. Martha Reavis, m. Aaron Casey on 2 Dec 1812 in Warren KY
  5. John Reavis, m. Martha M. "Patsey" Coffee on 27 Dec 1821
  6. Frances "Franky" Reavis, m. Simon Landers
  7. William W. Reavis, m. Ruth Eliza Coffee
  8. Hiram Reavis, m. Lucy Ward on 19 Jul 1821
Jesse Reavis of Surry County bought 540 acres on Harmon's Creek from Harris Revis of Rutherford County in 1789. In 1802 Jesse Reavis of Surry County sold to Harris Reavis of Rutherford County, 140 acres on Harmon's Creek. Witnesses were: Joseph Reavis, Edward Reavis, James Renard.

Harris Reavis stated that he volunteered in Surry County, North Carolina when he first entered the service. After the revolution he lived in North Carolina for several years then afterward in Kentucky for about 10 years. At the time he filed his pension application in 1833 he was living in Montgomery County, Illinois and had been living in Illinois about 17 or 18 years.

An affidavit testifying as to the truth of the statements made in the pension application was made by Henry Reavis whose relationship is not stated. Henry Reavis appears to be a brother to Harris since he was also born (1752) in Northampton County, North Carolina from where he moved to Surry County, and eventually to Illinois. Harris Reavis gave a similar affidavit for the pension application of Henry.

The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Vol. 2 records that Harris Reavis was one of the earliest settlers in Montgomery County and in 1822 served on the second board of county commissioners.

In a brief biography by Henry's grandson Hiram Wilburton Reavis, son of Isham, Hiram stated that his father and mother were cousins on his father's side. Mary Reavis was the daughter of Harris Reavis which establishes that Harris and Henry Reavis were brothers.

Research Notes

Although Harris is associated with the Reavis variation of the name, this family is the only Reavis DNA lineage which does not match that of other Reavis' participants in the Reeves DNA Project who comprise DNA Group 7. Instead, the DNA of a descendant of Harris' brother Henry Reavis has been placed in DNA Group 6 with other Reeves' individuals. His DNA most closely matches that of three descendants of John Durden Reeves who was also born in Northampton County, North Carolina. John Durden Reeves lived for a brief time in Cumberland County before he also migrated to Surry County, North Carolina. Whether there is a family connection between these two ancestors is currently unknown and needs much research.


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