Reeve, Elizabeth ( - 1734)


Reeve, Elizabeth


Father: Jonathan Reeve
Mother: Elizabeth Reeve

Birth Source:

Death: 1734
Death Source: Court Case, Burial

Spouse1: John Reeve


Children of John Reeve and Elizabeth Reeve:
  1. Elizabeth Reeve, b. 16? Aug 1719
  2. Deborah Reeve, b. 2 Jan 1721/2

From Bocking, St Mary The Virgin, Essex Parish Register:
  • Elizabeth Daughter of John Reeve boons born Aug 16? Bapt ye 20? (Oct 1719)
  • Deborah daughter of John Reeve at Boons born Jan ye 2st (bapt) 6 (Feb 1721/2)
  • (1730/1 Jan 24) John Reeve (buried)
  • (1734 Apr) 24 Elizabeth Reeve of Boone widow (buried)

Elizabeth is mentioned in her father Jonathan's will from 1712. She is also mentioned in the will of her brother Benjamin as "my said ...sister namely ...Elizabeth Reeve (the wife of the said John Reeve of Boones)." She and her husband were parties to a chancery case in 1721 and an exchequer case in 1726.

There are a set of baptisms for children of a John Reeve in the Bocking register spanning 1714-1727 which apparently include some of John and Elizabeth's children, but also appear to include children of another John. Included above are the only two which explicitly refer to John at Boones. There is an Elizabeth, daughter of John, born 11 Apr 1718. Then there is an Elizabeth, daughter of John with reference to Boones, born 16? Aug 1719. There is no burial entry for an Elizabeth between these two. Therefore it would appear these two were daughters of two different John Reeves. In addition, there is a baptism for an Elizabeth in 1727 for a John and Elizabeth. Boones is not mentioned and there is no burial previous to this which could match the first Elizabeth. More information is need to further clarify who their children were.

Furthermore, there is an entry for Elizabeth Reeve, widow, of Boones in the parish register for burial in 1734. This must be this Elizabeth. Given that she and her husband were named as parties to a case in 1726, it appears that her husband was the John buried at Bocking in 1731.

Research Notes

Elizabeth Reeve's baptism may be the entry in the Bocking register which states "daughter of Jonathan Reeve born 7 Feb 1699."

There is a marriage bond and allegation for a John Reeve to Elizabeth Reeve for Essex dated 1711. This corresponds to a marriage entry from the Sible Hedingham parish register which records that "John Reeve of this Parish and Elizabeth Reeve of Bocking were marryed September ye 6th 1711." The register also records the baptism and burial of their son Jonathan from 1712 and 1712/3. If these records refer to this couple, then Elizabeth could not have been the unnamed daughter of Jonathan baptized in 1699. Further research is needed on this.


Burial:       Bocking, St Mary The Virgin, Essex Parish Register D/P 268/1/3

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