Reeve, Selah (1740 NY - 1796 NY)


Reeve, Selah


Father: James Reeve
Mother: Mary Hudson

Birth: 28 Feb 1740, Long Island, New York
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Death: 21 Feb 1796, New York
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Spouse1: Keturah Strong


Children of Selah Reeve and Keturah Strong:
  1. Jeffrey Reeve, b. 1 Jan 1765
  2. Benjamin Strong Reeve, b. 26 Oct 1766
  3. Selah Reeve, b. 21 Oct 1769, d. 11 Apr 1837
  4. Eunice Reeve, b. 14 Feb 1771
  5. Joseph Reeve, b. 5 Jul 1773
  6. Keturah Reeve, b. 28 Aug 1775
  7. Isaac Reeve, b. 1784

Selah Reeve was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Ulster County Militia, 4th Regiment.

The website of the Old Town Cemetery, Newburg NY gives the following biography:
In Ruttenber 1859, Selah Reeve defied the British officers at Mattituck, L. I., where he had a farm and homestead, refusing to sign the oath of allegiance to the King. When they came for him, Mr. Reeve escaped with his family, having prepared a boat. “The dinner-horn sounded the signal of alarm agreed upon, and his men instantly repaired on board the scow, while he hastened the departure of his family. Entering the door of his dwelling, he found his wife busily preparing the noon-tide meal, and his boy, Selah, then an infant, asleep in the cradle. He grasped the child and placed him under his arm, very much as he would have handled a bag of flour; simply said to his wife, “Come,” and strode out of the back door. The infant soon made the air ring with cries at his unceremonious handling, and its mother remonstrated; but he gave little heed to either, until after repeated solicitations from the latter, when he handed her the child with the remark, “There, carry him yourself,” and then hastened on. The vessel was reached and cast off from the shore, just as the officers had passed through the house and emerged from the back door. Waving his hand to his baffled pursuers, Reeve steered for the Connecticut shore…….. After the war, he purchased (1784) a farm situated about three miles north of the village of Newburgh, to which he removed soon after.”

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