Reeves, Ambrose (1706 KEN - 1749 SC)


Reeve, Ambrose


Father: John Reeve
Mother: Sarah

Birth: c 4 Sep 1706, Kent, England
Birth Source: Ashford Baptisms, St. Helena Parish Register

Death: c Nov 1749, probably St. Helena Parish, Beaufort, South Carolina
Death Source: St. Helena Parish Register

Spouse1: Anne Barnwell, m. 16 Dec 1733


Children of Ambrose Reeve and Anne Barnwell:
  1. Ann Reeve, b. 12 Mar 1734, m. Francis Stuart
  2. Thomas Reeve, b. 11 Mar 1735, bu. 25 Mar 1736
  3. Lewis Reeve, b. 5 Aug 1739
  4. Elizabeth Reeve, b. 11 Aug 1740
  5. Sarah Reeve, b. 15 Feb 1741, bu. 8 Mar 1741
  6. Sarah Reeve, b. 4 Mar 1746, m. Robert Gibbs

Ambrose Reeve of Ashford in Kent was apprenticed to William Hulke, Surgeon, of Deal in Kent in 1721 for a premium of £20. The record notes that Ambrose's father's name was John.

Ambrose appears on several early South Carolina deeds with his wife Ann. The first one, from 1734, describes him as "surgeon, of Beaufort Town." There was a Charles Reeves in the area who may be a close relative.

Anne was married first to Thomas Stanyarne on 29 Mar 1726. He died, and she then remarried to Ambrose under the name Anne Stanyarne 16 Dec 1733.

On the 5th of February 1734, Ambrose petitioned the Common House of Assembly for an account to be created so that he could be paid by the state. On the 26th of February, the following item was recorded:
The Memorial of Ambrose Reeve with an account of Physic administered by him and other Services done by him for the scout men and other Persons in the Public service: Your Comm'ee beg leave to observe that the said Account is a new & unusual Charge, and think the same ought to be rejected, by which means the Public will avoid such new Accounts for the future. (Salley, p68)

However, the House itself disagreed (26th Feb):
Relating to the Account of Ambrose Reeve the House Disagreed And the Quc'on being put whether all the Articles in the said accot should be allowed except the Visits. Carried in the negative. And agreed that fifty pounds be allowed to the said Reeve for the Box of medicines therein mentioned. (Salley, p69)

From the South Carolina Journal of the Common House of Assembly, 13 Jan 1743/44, Accounts Received:
No. 38. An Account of Doctor Ambrose Reeve's, amounting to the Sum of £10 and 10 shillings, being for Medicines administered to two of the Men belonging to the Galley, which was also read to the House and referred to the same Committee.

The above account was also mentioned in the journal on the 29th February and the 17th of April, same year.

Ambrose Reeve received original lot 332 in Beaufort on 13 Apr 1747.

This land may have been taken back as he petitioned the SC Council for land saying he had not received a lot yet on 18 Jul 1747. His case was heard on 14 Aug and it was ordered to be referred to further consideration. The petition states that Ambrose Reeve had been an inhabitant of Port Royal for upwards of Sixteen years. (Holcomb, p289)

The Parish Register says he was buried 26 Nov 1749.

The Will of Lewis Reeve mentions "my Cousin Ambrose Reeve, of Ashford, in Kent, Son of Thomas Reeve, one hundred and fifty pounds Sterling. And to my Cousin (blank) Reeve (son of the aforesaid Thomas Reeve and brother of the above mentioned Ambrose Reeve,) who in 1769 lived at Dover." This would appear to be the same Thomas Reeves who is also mentioned in the St. Helena Parish records.


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