Reeves, Jeremiah (c1738 NC - 1806 GA)


Reeves, Jeremiah


Father: James Reeves
Mother: Millicent

Birth: c1738, North Carolina
Birth Source: 1781 Will of James Reeves

Death: 21 Jul 1806, Wilkes County, Georgia
Death Source: Will probated 1 Sep 1806 in Wilkes County, Georgia

Spouse1: Jane Brazile


Children of Jeremiah Reeves and Jane Brazile:
  1. Rebecca Reeves, b. c1765, d. 21 Sep 1837, m. John Hood
  2. Malachi Reeves, b. c. 1772, m. Rhoda Howell
  3. Jeremiah Reeves, b. 3 Nov 1772, d. 27 Jan 1837, m. Mary Echols
  4. Ichabod Reeves, b. c. 1775, d. 24 Aug 1840
  5. Joel Avery Reeves, b. c1775, d. abt. 23 Jul 1845, m. Nancy MNU
  6. Millicent Reeves, m1 Patrick Brewer, m2 John Rowden
  7. Rhoda Reeves. Rhoda never married; legal documents note that she was "insane."
  8. James B. Reeves, b. c1784, d. 6 Apr 1858
  9. John T. Reeves, b. 15 Dec 1786, d. 04 June 1870
  10. Unknown Daughter. She seems to have married Jesse Brazell. She was still living in 1820 Brazell received her $139.34 share of Jeremiah's estate.
  11. Jonathan Reeves, b. c1787. He was still living in 1820 when he received his $139.34 share of Jeremiah's estate.
  12. Unknown Daughter. She seems to have married Joseph Adams. She was still living in 1820 when Joseph Adams received her $139.34 share of Jeremiah's estate.
  13. Unknown Daughter.

Jeremiah Reeves was mentioned in the 1833 pension statement of John McCrory given in Maury County, Tennessee. John McCrory stated that in 1781 he served in a Guilford County company as a substitute for Jeremiah Reeves who had volunteered.

In the Guilford County Court Minutes, Jeremiah Reeves is appointed assessor in Mr. Gowdy's District on 15 Aug 1781 and one year later on 18 Feb 1782, he was appointed Collector in the same district.

Jeremiah Reeves is listed in the Guilford County Court Minutes serving on juries in Nov 1782, Feb 1783 and Feb 1784. In November 1783, he is among the residents assigned to work on the road from Abraham Spencers to where it joined the Iron Work Road. He is witness to a deed for his brother William Reeves and his wife to James Malloy on 1 Apr 1784 and to another deed from Nathaniel Moxley to Asa Brasher on 18 Aug 1784 which are his last appearances in the Guilford County Court Minutes.

He may be the Jeremiah Reeves taxed taxed in Captain Harris's District, Wilkes Co., GA, in 1786. (This district was designated by Frank Parker Hudson in his abstracts as district "M." Hudson, in his meticulous studies, assigned letter codes to districts because, unlike the names of individual district commanders, Hudson's letter codes do not change over time.) Reeves was taxed with 362 acres in Franklin County and 287 acres in Greene County. The name of John Holmes appeared next to him on the list.

He is almost certainly the Jeremiah Reeves found from 1791 onwards in Captain Hanner's District (designated by Frank Parker Hudson as "S"). District "S" was located along Dry Fork Creek near the future boundary between Wilkes and Oglethorpe Counties; it is just northwest of the present-day town of Rayle, while district "M" was immediately south of Rayle. (In 1786, district "M" had encompassed most of future district "S.") In 1791, Reeves was taxed with 325 acres in Wilkes and 287 in Greene. The name Richard Berton, Sr., appeared adjacent his on the list; the property was returned by Jeremiah Reeves, who served as his executor. In 1793, he was taxed in Captain Hannah's District ("S") with 326 acres on Dry Fork Creek in Wilkes County joining Milner. Malachi Reeves — probably his son — appeared a few lines later paying poll tax only. By 1793, John Holmes had become commander of district "S". Jeremiah Reeves was shown with 312 acres on Dry Fork in Wilkes joining john Holmes and 287 acres on Richland Creek in Greene County joining Jones. Malakiah Reeves, again a poll, appeared nearby. By 1974, Obednego Moore had come to head the district. Jeremiah Reeves was taxed with 312 acres in Wilkes on Dry Creek adjoining Milner and with 200 acres in Wilkes on Long Creek adjoining his son-in-law John Hood. Malachi Reeves appeared as a poll nearby. The family continued to be enumerated in this same district into the nineteenth-century, with Ichabod Reeves first appearing in 1796 (when he was taxed with 200 acres).

Additional records from Wilkes County, Georgia during the 1790s shed further light on Jeremiah Reeves:
  • Wilkes County GA Deed Book RR, p. 250: Dec 27, 1797. Thomas Duke of Oglethorpe to Jeremiah Reeves of Wilkes. $50.00. 60 acres on Dry Fork of Long Creek. Seal: Thomas Duke. Wit: John Coleman, Ichabod Reeves.
  • Minutes of the Inferior Court, published in Early Records of Georgia: Page 66-Feb. 22, 1801. John Jackson being above 14 years chooses Jeremiah Reeves guardian. John Hammock and Malachi Reeves, Security.
The Will of Jeremiah Reeves from Early Records of Georgia Vol I, Wilkes County Will Book GG:
Page 156--REEVES, JEREMIAH. Certain horses and cattle to be divided among six daus. not named. To wife Jane all stock, plantation, tools, etc. To dau. Rhoda two cows and calves. To my two sons James and John all land after the death of my wife. Sons Malachi and Jeremiah, Excrs. Signed July 21, 1806. Probated Sept. 1, 1806. Ichabod and James Reeves, Test.

REEVES, JEREMIAH dec'd Inv. Sept. 13, 1806.
Malachi Reeves, excr. Isaac Eason, Pitt Milner, Geo. Willis, apprs. Final returns 1820, receipt of (1) Ichabod, (2) John, (3) James, (4) Jonathan and (5) Jeremiah Reeves, (6) Jos. Adams, (7) Wyatt T. Heard atty for Avery Reeves, (8) John Hood, (9) Wm. S. Lenty atty for Mrs. Millicent Rowden, (10) Jesse Brazell, and (11) Burwell Hood for Rhoda Reeves insane dau of said dec'd for her maintenance for life, all legatees. Receipt of Lewis Barrett for medical attendance on said dec'd, 1807.
Wilkes County, Georgia - Original Papers, Part 3.
1806 Estate File of Jeremiah Reeves at Georgia Virtual Vault
1818 Settlement, Estate of Jeremiah Reeves at Georgia Virtual Vault

Research Notes

Some sources list a son Joseph, but no documented evidence has been found to substantiate his existence. Jeremiah's will mentions six daughters, and his estate division — dated 1820 — identifies sons Ichabod, John, James, Jonathan, Jeremiah, Avery, and Malachi. Note that Jeremiah's estate division documents twelve children, including five daughters: The wife of Joseph Adams; the wife of John Hood; Mrs. Millicent Rowden; the wife of Jesse Brazell; and Rhoda Reeves, "insane daughter." Reeves's will mentions six daughters. This suggests that either one daughter had died prior to the division or that at least one child is not named in the division. The name of the son-in-law Joseph Adams may be what has led some to conclude that there was a son Joseph Reeves. Note that the account does not name Malachi Reeves as a legatee with the others, but after paying the other legatees, he added a note to the return: "To my own distributive share...$139.34." Altogether, this suggests that there were at least thirteen children but that one of daughters had died childless between the signing of Jeremiah's will and the 1820 estate division.

Some list Jesse Brazell's wife as Cynthia Reeves. That is possible, but the 1815 will of Jesse Reeves of Jasper County, Georgia, also names a daughter Cynthia Brasell. It is possible that the two women have been confused.


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For a transcription of Jeremiah's will and estate division, see: http://files.usgwarchives.net/ga/wilkes/wills/r1200003.txt