Reeves, Sarah (c1760 NC - c1822 NC)

Sarah Reeves

Reeves, Sarah


Father: William Reeves
Mother: Anne

Birth: c1760, Johnston County, North Carolina
Birth Source: Deed by William Reeves Heirs

Death: bef 1822, Wake County, North Carolina
Death Source: Deed by William Reeves Heirs

Spouse1: Frederick Geer, c 1779, Orange or Wake County, North Carolina


Children of Frederick & Sarah Reeves Geer:
  1. Elizabeth Geer
  2. Lucy Geer
  3. Mary Geer"Polly"
  4. Sarah Geer "Sally"
  5. William Geer
  6. Martha Geer "Patsey"
  7. Susannah Geer
  8. David Geer
  9. Frederick C. Geer, Jr.
  10. Jesse B. Geer
Sarah Reeves Geer appears to be the oldest of William Reeves' children, marrying Frederick Geer around 1779. Additionally, she is apparently the only child who predeceased him, dying before 15 Apr 1822 when her heirs executed the following Power of Attorney to her son Jesse B. Geer to act on their behalf in Madison County, Kentucky to settle his estate.

The following Power of Attorney to Jesse B. Geer names all of the living children of Sarah Reeves Geer along with Lucy H. Couch, child of deceased daughter Susannah Geer with the exceptions of William and David Geer who had both previously moved to Greene County, Georgia and Mary "Polly" Geer Usery who was living in White County, Tennessee:

Madison County Deed Book P, pgs 208 and 209
To all to whome this may come Know ye that we Samuel Southerland and Elizabeth Southerland his Wife, Philip Alston & Sally Alston his Wife Willis Roberts and Patsy Roberts his Wife Lucy Shering, Frederick Geer Junr. And Samuel Couch Guardian for Lucy H. Couch of the Counties of Wake and Orange and State of North Carolina Heirs and Represents of William Reeves Senr Decd late of the County of Madison and State of Kentucky for sundrie good causes and reasons as hereunto Moving toward our friend Jesse B. Geer of the County of Wake and State aforesaid have by this presents appointe the said Jesse B. Geer our whole and sole Attorney in Fact for us and to our use ask sue for seek and receive from all persons whatsoever all such sums of money or other property both personal and Real as may be coming or due to us by the death of the said William Reeves Senr and we hereby authorize and empower our said attorney in fact one or more attorneys at law to appoint under him to act and do and again at his pleasure to revoke and discharge and acquittances to give which said actings and doings we do and will forever warrant and defend to be good and valid to all intents and purposes in as full and ample a manner as we might could or would have done were we personally present to all intents and purposes.
In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 15th day of April 1822.

Samuel Southerland (Seal)
Elizabeth (x) Southerland (Seal)
Philip Alston (Seal)
Sally (x) Alston (Seal)
Willis Roberts (Seal)
Patsy (x) Roberts (Seal)
Lucy (x) Shering (Seal)
Frederick Geer Junr. (Seal)
Samuel Couch (Seal)

Signed, Sealed & Delivered
In the presence of us
Vinkler Jones - Jurat

Registered in the Registers Office of Wake County in Book No. 5 and Page 184 the 2nd day of July 1822. R. Smith, Register


Madison County KY Deed Book P, p208-209
Estate of William Reeves, Madison County KY Deed Book Q, p7-9