Reeves, Stephen (c1734 - 1820 NY)


Reeves, Stephen


Father: John Reeves
Mother: Rachel Foster

Birth: c1734
Birth Source: Vital Records

Death: 13 Apr 1820, Palmyra, New York
Death Source: Vital Records



Probable Children:
  1. Stephen Reeves Jr.

Stephen Reeves is mentioned in the 1753 will of his father John.

Stephen Reeves, Stephen Reeves Jr., and Stephen Reeves, 3d signed a covenant dated 30 Dec 1784 to pay Mr. Joshua Williams as pastor of the First Parish in Southampton. (Howell, p112).

In a list of dwellers of Southampton complied based on various records, Stephen Reeves is listed as living on Main Street by 1748 (Howell, p153). That year, Nathaniel Howell of Southampton sold his homestead to Stephen Reeves (Howell, p306).

PAGE 236. [Abstract.] Stephen Reeves Inn keeper sells to John White 6 acres in Great plain, bounded N by Joseph Post, E & S by highways W Hugb Gelswo, 28£ April 12 1753 (Records (2nd), p157)

PAGE 355. [Abstract of ear marks, 1770.]
Stephen Reeves Jr, crop & slit in left, half penny over each.
James Reeves, son of Stephen Jr, hollow crop on left, half penny over each. (Records (2nd), p264)

Stephen Reeves household, with one male and one female is listed on the Southampton 1776 census, west of Watermill. Stephen Jr. is listed with 3 males and 5 females. Stephen Jr. is listed next to John Reeves and David Reeves. (Records (2nd), p395)

Stephen Reeves and wife Mary, sell to Nathan Herrick, "A certain tract of meadow lying at a place called Accobcgue, in Long Neck, bounded north by John Reeves east by upland and woods, south by meadow formerly Josiah Goodales, west by creek." April 16, 1792. (Records (6th), p254)

Palmyra Register, 26 Apr 1820
Died, In this town, on the 13th inst. Deacon Stephen Reeves, aged 86 years.

Research Notes

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From the family records of the Reeves family of Palmyra and Syracuse:

"Stephen Reeves, son of John Reeves, born in Southampton, Long Island, in 1734. ... He was a physician. Sometime prior to 1793, he removed to Palmyra, NY where he and his wife Mary were among the original members of the First Presbyterian Church which was organized in 1793. He became an elder of this church and held this office for the remainder of his life. During the Revolutionary War, while Dr. Stephen Reeves was still living in Southampton, two soldiers called at the Doctor's home and asked for something to eat. Food was given them but while the Doctor's back was turned they stole two towels. Shortly after they left, the articles were missed, so the Doctor ran cross-lots to the Fort and complained to the commanding officer just before the two soldiers returned to the post. They were searched and the missing articles found, whereupon they were tried and flogged so unmercifully that the tender heart of Dr. Reeves was made sorry that he had entered the complaint.

Dr. Stephen Reeves died April 13, 1820, aged 86 years, 2 days."


Death:        Palmyra Register, 26 Apr 1820
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